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Watch The New Killswitch Engage Video

Posted on February 12, 2008

My Last Serenade: check out the must-be-seen awesome new promo video for My Last Serenade! Click HERE for a Real Media stream. Oh, and for the first time ever on our site, we also give you the video in a streaming QuickTime format. Looks like television, sounds like the stereo – a true experience. We shit you not. To view, you just have to MAKE SURE YOU HAVE QuickTime 5 (the FREE VERSION will do just fine) on your computer machine and then click HERE! . You can also request it on Kerrang! TV – selection no 834. For KTV requests, call 09067 533433. And a new website… While you’re online, make sure you visit the brand new Killswitch Engage official website at www.killswitchengage.com The Queen’s Jubilee Is Coming… God Save Kerrang! Yes, get your mits on this week’s (15/5) issue of Kerrang! magazine. Page 52. Killswitch Engage KKKKK perfect score album review. So you can read it and weep with ease, here is the review in all it’s awesomeness. Once you’re done reading, go buy the issue and turn to page 55 for a 퉌£2 off the album at Virgin discount voucher (and a nice lil feature on Ill Nino). You can read more reviews for KSE in our press room. GET WEBBED! Download yourself some very cool desktop wallpaper designed exclusively for Roadrunner UK by Mike D’Antonio, KsE bassist. Thanks going out to Mike… the desktops in this office now look very cool indeed… And if you use AOL Instant Messenger, just click here to download yourself a special KsE buddy icon. Want more? Check out this fabulous KsE E-Card complete with song samples, biography, and more! Watch this space… more KsE coolness coming soon……. WATCH VIDEO! The band are currently touring the US with Soilwork, Hypocrisy and Scar Culture right up into June! However, we have a little something to share with you in case you can’t catch those shows. Check out this very cool promo LIVE video for Life To Lifeless shot at the Palladium in sunny Worcester, MA at the US New England Metalfest on April 5, 2002. “Life To Lifeless” gives you a real sense of the energy in the room as Killswitch Engage tore the place apart. Captured by the man behind last years Hellfest DVD in a room packed with 4,000 seething metal fans, this is worth the watch. Weather heads towards late(r) Autumn…there is a chill in the air – it’s cold, Aussie cold. 17-18 degrees Celsius. There is a priest, or at least a man dressed as a priest. He is set to deliver a eulogy. The setting is a bluestone chapel. Inside, a man sitting at the organ is solemnly playing “Nookie”. Outside is a graveyard. There is a freshly dug grave with a casket next to it. People are throwing in baggy shorts, a seven string guitar, a turntable, a tracksuit, and the like. Killswitch Engage’s Alive Or Just Breathing is filling this cold night’s air. What the hell are we talking about??? Actually, what we just described is going on in Australia this weekend, a burial showing a changing of the times. Metal is back, my friends. Look it straight in the face and let it kick you right in the ass. Snarl, then smile. Roadrunner Australia, being the clever ‘punters’ they are, organized the above event in honor of Killswitch Engage and their upcoming album. It’s true. Invites were sent out, people loaded onto buses, buses which rode them asses to the funeral site of the ‘yo-yo’ style of rock…if ya know what we mean. And the people, they shall welcome the sounds they hear outside in the graveyard. For it is metal. And it has been missed. Food and drinks are served. Midgets, goats, and strippers were to be at the wake afterwards…but somewhere along the way that idea got nixed. Metal is back, my friends. Smile.


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