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V2002 The Aftermath

Posted on February 12, 2008

V2002 – THE AFTERMATH! Check out our photo special of the band at V2002 in the Nickelback Gallery. Rather than read a bunch o’words from us, we decided to share with you a few emails we received lately. Have to say though, hearing more than 50,000 voices sing along to How You Remind Me was really quite something. To all those that wrote in, thanks for writing, we love hearing from you guys. And to all those thinking of writing in, we look forward to hearing what you have to say too. “I just wanted to share my experience with everyone and to say thankyou to the band for such an Amazing preformance. It has been one of the best concerts I’ve seen. The whole band interacted with the crowd and really got everyone going. I think half the audience nearly passed out when Chad joked about backstage passes and the fact that partners weren’t invited. The piros were excellent the whole crowd went mad everytime they went off. They played us a new song I can’t exactly remember the words but there was definitely something about Pants around the Ankles. ERM yes well I bet that wont be reliesed as a single. The heat was absolutely pounding down and people were passing out everywhere. Mike and Chad were throwing bottled water out to the crowds. My only complaint was they didn’t play long enough they did about an hour and it was over too quickly. I have heard so many people have been converted to their music after the concerts at both parks. Thankyou for letting me ramble on so much lol Britchick” “I recently attended the V2002 gig on the 18th August 2002 at Staffs,Weston Park purely to see Nickelback and it was soooo worth the waiting around in the blazing sunshine and then terrible downpours. I have written a quick review of the day… OH WOW I got to the venue early…about 12ish and couldnt believe that I would have to hang around in the blazing sunshine for 6 hours waiting for Nickelback. The last few years there have been good bands on all over the weekend but this year there was hardly anyone I wanted to see apart from Nickelback of course. My friend and I just chilled for a few hours having a nose around the stalls and catching some rays on the grass. About 4 ish we went down to the main V stage to get ready for Supergrass.We had quite a good view and were so excited that we had got so close to the stage.We were about 6 rows back. But when Supergrass finished,everyone walked off and there was so much space down the front so we made our move. Oh yeah,third row.How cool is that? We were so excited to be 6 rows back and got even closer. The weather was on and off alll day.The sun had been shining but it began to rain towards 5.30 before Nickelback arrived on stage at 6. But that didnt matter.All that we cared about was seeing the guys. Anyway…6pm and its SHOWTIME. Ryan Peake walks on stage first closely followed by Chad then Mike and Ryan Vikedal. They opened with Woke up this morning and sent the crowd wild.They went on to sing a few others,which I honestly cannot remember the order of as I was so excited.It was either Hollywood or One Last Run. May have even been both. Then,just as they were about to play Leader of Men,Chad laughed out loud and told the crowd that his guitar was not working so he couldn’t play us the next tune. The crowd laughed as he brought on his guitar tech…Timmy.The guy came on with a new guitar for Chad and received a rapturous applause from the audience.So much so that Chad had to bring him back on stage for the fans to cheer for him once again. Chad then began to chat to the crowd and ask if we were enjoying the festival. Everyone cheered loudly and he said that it was great festival weather….slightly hot with a bit of rain.He continued to add that he didnt think we were wet enough and got two of the crew to walk on stage with an extinguisher of water each and soak the crowd.We all went wild and the show carried on featuring Never Again,Too Bad and the new material Figured You.Throughout the whole set,the guys got a great reception from the crowd and just put their all in to the performance. They slowed things down slightly towards the end with Chad and Ryan taking stools and singing Hero followed by an accoustic intro to How You Remind Me before launching in to the explosive finale. All in all it was a great performance by Nickelback and well worth standing about in the blazing sunshine and horrendous downpours! Review written by myself: Laura Evans, from Wrexham, North Wales.” “I just wanted to display my admiration and respect for Chad and his awesome musical ability, as both a singer and songwriter. I would have happily killed for a ticket to v2002 where Nickelback recently appeared, sadly i couldn’t get the money together so missed what could be my only opportunity to see “the great one” in action. Fortunatly i had friends at the event that tell me Chad put in a sterling performance. Keep up the good work, i’m behind you 100%. Love and respect, JO.xx” “What can I say? We bought the V2002 tickets with the sole intention of seeing Nickelback. I have the *MAJOR* hots for Chad Kroeger you see… -) We made it to about 10 “rows” back when I said “Is this as close as we can get??” Nope….. a few well placed elbows later & we were at the barrier!!!! Chad looks even better “in the flesh”, his voice is like warm maple syrup…. Their set was GREAT – though even the fireworks & flame throwers aimed skywards didn’t compare with the brilliant performance of the whole band. As Chad said – Nickelback Fuckin’ ROCK!!! Kirsten Daniells” “Hey RR, My name’s Mimi, I contacted you about a week ago to say I was going to see Nickelback. Well I thought I might just humour you again and tell you exactly how fucking good it was! I went to see them at V2002 at Staffs on the 18th. For the first few songs big fat lady next to me was jumping up and down singing, but when it came to the songs from The State she didn’t know any of the words. Ha! Who’s the #1 fan now, eh? Still, I managed to move away from her in the end. I loved the moshing pit! I just jumped … and jumped … and jumped … and waved my arms a bit and sang a bit (though not a lot. I came to hear Nickelback – not myself! Or the Big Fat Lady.) Halfway through Chad yelled that he needed some water, but that they’d left the water in the gear van – “I hope we filled those fuckers up!” Then the crowd got sprayed with water. And there was fire and sparklers on the stage – absolutely breathtaking. I just spent the whole thing jumping up and down, even when the music wasn’t on, and you know what? I THINK HE ACTUALLY SAW ME! I don’t think, in fact, I KNOW! I saw him look at me. True, he was probably thinking, “Who’s that weirdo jumping up and down to no music screaming?” but hey, it’s better than nothing. I tried to get Mike to see me (I was standing slightly to one side of the stage and that’s where he was most of the time) but he didn’t see. Then halfway through one song (I think it might have been Where Do I Hide?) He got out the video camera for the Nickelback Live at Home DVD and videod the crowd. Suddenly everyone seemed so much taller than me and I think I sort of got engulfed by people. Then someone threw a cup of beer into the air and I got a faceful (and a backful, and a hairful, and so on …) but I was completely off my face and I really didn’t care. Then they got everyone to shout: “NICKELBACK FUCKING ROCKS!” Boy did I scream it. And I meant it, too! (It’s my screen name on MSN now.) I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure Chad threw his plectrum into the crowd. It was nowhere near me. At the end Nik also threw one of his drum sticks into the crowd. That wasn’t near me either. A big “aaaaahhhhh” if you will. I was probably the biggest Nickelback fan in that crowd and I didn’t get a look in :’-( But I would do it again any day. Every day. When I came out of that crowd I couldn’t walk in a straight line (I swear I can’t now) and my legs and feet hurt, and my fingers hurt from making the “rock” sign too much. But it was amazing, and I now vow to travel any length of bredth of this country to see them to it again. When we got out of the crowd and got back to my uncle, he said, “What did you think?” I mustered two words before my voice completely failed me. Fucking amazing. That’s when my voice went. I have yet to retrieve it completely, and it will probably be a while before my throat stops hurting. Thank you Nickelback and Roadrunner Records!!! MIMI”


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