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Updates From The Studio

Posted on February 12, 2008

some current notes of interest from the studio this week: 36 Crazyfists They start pre-production of their second Roadrunner release on May 1st up in Portland, Oregon with producer James Wisner. The recording of this beast will take place in Florida come mid-May. Where in Florida? Nobody really knows just yet…rumour has it somewhere near Tampa Bay. Chimaira Ahhh, Did You Know? The UK & Japanese version of The Impossibility Of Reason will be same as the U.S. release, but will contain one most honourable bonus track, “Army Of Me.” All releases will be simultaneous (May 12th or 13th, pending on where you live). Coal Chamber Track listing for the upcoming b-sides album Giving The Devil His Due is almost complete, may have fully confirmed listing as soon as this week. In fact, Dez is scheduled to hit the studio to record vocals for an unfinished track from the Chamber Music sessions later this week. Deathride Speaking of Dez, he and the rest of new project Deathride are still out in L.A. sharing one hotel room whilst recording their debut effort. Ross Hogarth (Coal Chamber Dark Days) is producing, and last week was spent on guitars. Vocals should happen this week. Dirty Americans “Dude, this band fuckin’ kicks ass,” tells the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave, listening to the D-Am rough mixes at his desk whilst enlightening us with this update. In fact, rough mixes of the full album are in and currently making the rounds for approvals. “They fuckin’ rock…” doubleDrive Their debut album hit the streets on Monday… Did you know there is a Japanese version of this release – same as the U.K. version ceptin’ it contains two most honorable bonus tracks, “Fed Up” and “Big Shove 2″…”Big Shove 2” being one second longer than original version (among other changes). Ether Seeds Debut album scheduled to hit streets on June 16th. Ahhh, will be Japanese version of this too. Once again, same as U.K. version but with two most honourable bonus tracks, “Remedy” and “Stalker’s Love Song.” goneblind Debut full length is basically complete. It’s all mixed, and should be mastered later this week in NYC with George Marino. Title of the album, Channels Of Communication. Ill Nino Currently in a studio in Hoboken, New Jersey with producer Bob Marlette. Drum tracks are done. Recording officially started on April 15th, and could quite well be complete prior to the US Memorial Day weekend. Nickelback They are officially in the studio, and that’s a fact. 4 to 5 songs fully complete, some mixing to start this week. Band is producing the new album, Randy Staub is mixing. Red Tape The boys outta Sacto, Cali started recording their newest propaganda last week out at NRG studios in L.A. Yes, they are officially recording. And they should be officially finished recording by the end of May. Spineshank Album has been mastered. Album is complete. In fact, advance copies of the CD – Self Destructive Pattern – should be in come early May (July 14 release date). The very first CD-R of the new album hit this office only yesterday… all walking past this office yesterday were met with the new sounds of Spineshank belting out the stereo. Type O Negative Their upcoming Life Is Killing Me album was being mastered April 28. There will be a special limited double CD UK edition of this album… more info to come.


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