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Unholy London (pt 3)

Posted on February 12, 2008

Now here’s another great review of the Unholy Alliance tour, also about London. Thanks to “Lovenkrands86” who emailed this in! “I saw this show in London and spent 21 hours travelling on a bus there and back from bonny scotland i knew this would be a show to remember but i didnt expect it to be THIS GOOD!! Mastodon – Again these guys came on and just went crazy. People got more into them and the heads were banging. A very good solid set that set everyone up for the night. Hatebreed- Fuck me! This was INSANE. The pit was crazy. im glad i wasnt in it or i would have died. Jamey Jasta looked like he had eaten nothing but sugar before this. he was so full or energy and running around blasting out the vocals like a crazied man. Imense!! He asked for a circle pit and by god he got a CIRCLE PIT!! the whole bottom of the floor was in a pit. Im glad i was near the back enjoying this amazing band. THis is Now,We Still Fight, Live for this,Beholder of Justice are some of the songs that sent this crowd into a craze. Fists were in the air screaming HATEBREED! Come back quick quys!! Slayer- The best live band ever!! This set was un-fucking beilieveable! God Hates Us All started it and Raining Blood *the best live song ever* finished it. This set went from strength to strength. Screaming the lyrics back at them seemed to inspire Slayer more to destroy the place. Heads were moving at a freinzed pace. Angel of Death,South of Heaven, Post mortem were the highlights of the set for me and of course including raining blood. They still have the killer instinct after 20 years and rocked so much more than glasgow. Slipknot- Ok i retract the slayer best band comment. Slipknot are the best live band ever! This was the crazied motherfucking set in history! I went fucking crazy and nearly passed out due to it but it was worth it. Prelude 3.0,The blister exsits, Sic, Disaterpieces, Eyeless. Pulse of the Maggots, Three Nil sent the crowd fucking crazy but nothing could prepare anyone for Duality. Corey gave a heartwarming speech about craig not being here but the good news Volume 3 is a gold record. *They fucking deserve it* So back to the speech. Craig is doing alright and sends his love but make him hear Duality while he is in america. Fucking hell the crowd came alive. Spit it out saw EVERYONE get down on the ground and jump the fuck up!! This is one of the coolest sites ever and was better with me being at the back instead of the front for once as it gives you a different prespective of how INSANE this is. This led them to walk off. Everyone stayed and waited. The chants got going. They hit the stage with People=Shit. Wait and Bleed was sung by everyone in the crowd. This led to your new International fucking anthem!! This song is called….. SURFACING. a see of middle fingers were in the air. Fucking hell the pit was side to side!! the lenght of the hall!! They walked off the to corey holding a union jack and walking off to circle!! Best gig ever!! The bands were crazier than in glasgow and put on a better show!! The crowd wasnt as crazy but fuck this is one of the greatest gigs ever and will go down in history!”


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