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Turning Blue Skies Black

Posted on February 12, 2008

While working on the homestretch of recording their as of yet to be titled debut CD, DevilDriver was forced out of the studio as wild fire crept over the mountains and into the dry canyon on this summer afternoon. Everyone got out of the studio safely, including the owner and the two dogs residing there. Still waiting to find out if the fire actually hit the studio, as now helicopters and fire trucks now embrace the area in Canoga Canyon…and nobody in DevilDriver stuck around closely enough to find out. “The sky out here is usually bright blue,” tells singer Dez Fafara over his cell phone from the scene of the crime. “We looked up fifteen minutes ago and they whole sky was bright orange and black,” he continues. At that point, the owner of the studio simply rationed, “you guys get the hard drives and get the fuck out of here.” DevilDriver’s A&R Rep Kevin Estrada – also the A&R Rep for Chimaira, and if you remember, the set on Chimaira’s “Down Again” video shoot caught fire just a couple months back – was en route to the studio when he was stopped by a roadblock. After telling the cops why he needed to get up there, the response he got was, “Well, then they (DevilDriver) better get the fuck out of there.” Kevin, Chimaira, video shoot, fire…Kevin, DevilDriver, recording studio, fire. What is the one constant? Coincidence? Kevin had the following to say: “Can you believe this? Two records in a row plagued by fire. I can’t believe this shit. Now I gotta put fire insurance in all my budgets. Send more firefighters…The whole place is ablaze…it’s nuts…it’s crazy. Two projects, two fires.” It is still unsure as to whether or not recording will be able resume at the studio in Canoga Canyon. “We’ll see how long the fire lasts,” tells Kevin as he is working on a possible ‘Plan B’ to complete the album. Oddly enough, as if the Kevin tie wasn’t, DevilDriver was in the midst of recording a track called “The Mountain,” a track where the lyrics speak of the sky turning orange, and of a fire on the mountain. Well, as of right now, Canoga Canyon out in Cali is covered in smoke amidst orange skies, as fire is sweeping through the massive oak tree filled mountains on this 102 degree afternoon. “It’s one of those places you don’t wanna be if there’s a fire,” Dez asserts. Next? “We’re going back to Santa Barbara for a drink,” tells Dez. We’ll drink to that.


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