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Tommy’s Track By Track V

Posted on February 12, 2008

Or track by track of the new Spineshank record, detailed by Tommy Decker, continues… 9. Stillborn “Here is another song where it was just me and Mike going off into our own little world, kinda just messing around and coming up with something cool. It started off with a drum beat that Mike fucked with in Pro Tools and created the whole begining section. Once we had that, the rest of the song just wrote itself. We had the entire song recorded and had to take the weekend off from recording, Gggarth had the idea to work on some new vocals and lyrics during our time off, so we went in on a Saturday and just pumped out new vocals. It gave the song a whole new identity, and got us really excited about it. Usually it takes me a week or more to work on lyrics but this song all came out in one night. We knew if we wanted this song on the record we had to make it happen in 2 days and everything finally fell into place (for once!)” 10. Falls Apart “I had this idea for a really whacked out song with a lot of different time signatures and tons of changes, the kind of song thats almost hard to listen to. So Mike and I started writing this song. it was really fucked up and and weird. As soon as Jonny came in and put some vocals on it, we realized that the song was really catchy and should be a little more straight forward. So we went in and simplified it. We tried to concentrate on the verse riff because it really stood out and had a great groove. It ended being one of the most straight forward songs on the record. But once again, I think it just works.” Self-Destructive Pattern is OUT NOW. more to come…


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