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Through The Ashes Of Manchester

Posted on February 12, 2008

Have you checked out our live photos of the tour yet? Check em out in the Machine Head PHOTO GALLERY. And here’s what you had to say about the Machine Head show in Manchester…. BlueToGray: “We want head We want head We want head We want head………. Manchester….manchester…. manchester…. wow fuck cunt wow bollocks shit wow Machine Head is king biggest circle pit ever ….. multiple slam pits ……METALLICA…. faked manchester accents….. seams of chicks …. Uber loud metal at its best……… ears still ringing almost 12 hours later……. so close i could touch the speakers…………. body beaten but not broke YEAH WOO WHO Machine Head we love you what a fucking night.” petermh99: “yeah fuckin too right. my head is fuckin killin and my ears are ringin like fuck.” slayeraregods: “OH MY FUCKING GOD! 2 HOURS OF MACHINE HEAD! That was the best night of my entire life man! i got there around 6:20 met sum guys from roadrunner records for a meet and great, we walked around the back of the venue and went in, we were waiting in the bar then over walks MACHINE FUCKIN HEAD i felt really nervous over walks phil and we were chattin for a while and he signed sum stuff, then dave he was talkin to me and i was gobsmacked, then i walked over and started talkin to rob. i asked him how the tour was goin he said ” FUCKIN “A” MAN” then sum1 asked what cover songs they were gonna play, he sed its a surprise, we asked him to play a good charlotte song which followed him singing “LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND THE FAMOUS” lol fuckin killer. Later, the lights went down and i heard some orchestra music, i was so pumped i’d bin waiting for this night for so long, i hear the beginning of imperium “HERE ME NOWWWWWWWWW” the whole of fuckin manchester went apeshit! absalutely amazing! noone was stood still, the pit was brutal and that was just the first song, then take my scars, killer song! ” Manchester!! this song is called THE BLOOD THE SWEAT THE BEERS! another huge pit formed in the center and my god it was brutal! i think they then played left unfinished, great song! i heard ten ton hammer, i ran in the pit only to be greeted with a punch in the nose, it didnt hurt too much though coz i was havin a great time! i dont remember what they played next, but then i heard the bass intro for trephination and when it kicked in the whole place was like a fuckin warfield, there were bodies everywhere! they went off i think then, people were screamin ” WE WANT HEAD, WE WANT HEAD!” rob came on looking pritty emotional sayin ” we havn’t herd that in a fuckin long time! u guys rule” then i think they played an acoustic song i think it was ” descend the shades of night” and a lot of people started crowdsurfing in that song! then i just remember hearing the beginning of territory by sepultura and me lovin sepultura runnin straight to the pit and goin apeshit, fucking brilliant, then they play METALLLICA! and the whole place goes even crazier! also a couple of guns and roses riffs and rob played the beginnin of walk if i rememebr rightly only for like 5 seconds though! ” LET FREEDOM RING WITH A SHOTGUN BLAST!” a pretty big circle pit forms in the middle again, i mean huge! DAVIDIAN! brilliant! This got the crowd goin the pit was brutal people were running in all direction there were people on the floor and other people falling over them it was just chaos!……. i cant quite remembr what they played next but i just remember hearin rob sayin, i want everyone to move to the sides and make a pit the whole size of this place, he then said i want the old machine head fans to show the new ones how its done, and i swear the whole fuckin floor was 1 huge open space with bodies crushed around the sides he then screams “BBBBLLLLOOOOCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” followed by a hell of a lot of of smiles on peoples faces, it kicks in and everyone i mean everyone was in this pit, it was fucking huge i tihnk i got some pictures of it im just hopin it turns out good! so all in all i give this 10/10 FUCKING BRILLIANT GUYS! U GUYS FUCKING RULE! MACHINE FUCKIN HEAD , MACHINE FUCKIN HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!” Farmer317: “Fuckin A is all I have to say about that gig, this is the fourth time I’ve seen The Head live, not only were the first 3 the best gigs I’ve ever bin to this fuckin kicked all their asses. This was the best Machine Head gig I’ve ever bin to, it was sooooooooooo good. I’ve bin a MH fan pretty much from the beginin and it was fuckin well good to see a lot of younger people there, Machine Fuckin Head is the way forward. Wot the fuck though the pits were fuckin mental, I mean I know manchester is THE BEST CROWD but he didn’t have to tell us. lol. The circle pit was fuckin amasin n the fact that Rob (the man) was really fuckin emotional he was fuckin lovin it the fuckin chants n everythin. I can’t belive how much cool old stuff they played it was soooooooooooo fuckin cool to hear that shit live again. There are no fuckin words that describe how mental the pits were for DAVIDIAN it was truly amazing. FUCKIN A to THE HEAD.” Nitrate: “Any fuckin way – The Head never disappoint!!!!” william haven: “Am achin all over, I think I have discovered new muscles…” Darcat: “fucking bruised and battered,what better way to remember a fucking Machine Head gig!??!?!?!?” SilentBen: “I’ve never seen the academy with so many people in there and all going totally fucking apeshit, thank you Machine Fuckin’ Head!”


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