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Dana Dentata

Through The Ashes Of London

Posted on February 12, 2008

Machine Head. London Astoria. Last night. Crowd-surfing bins, Phil Demmel stage-diving, Brown Eyes, our ol’ buddy Jack D, a stormin’ cover of Number Of The Beast, rocking back to 1994, cheers fuckers, see-thru guitars, fuckin’ enormous speaker stacks, Mike P, the infamous post-gig bar, circle pits, whiplash, respectable broadsheet journalists letting their hair down, The Omen, getting to bed at 4:30am this morning…. Here’s a few snippets from various messageboards about last night’s show…. “Just got back from Machine Head! What a great gig, possibly the best one I’ve been to in my life, and I’ve seen MH at least four times!!! I met Robb Flynn, wohoooooo! If Thursday was this good, Friday will be immense. Phil Demmel jumped into the crowd and landed on my head, which was interesting!” “HELL YEAH! Only 3 days till I see them again! HELL YEAH!” “I have been to loads of gigs and this one was just fuckin perfect! Woohooooo!” “It was an absolutely fantastic gig!!” “The set was a carbon copy of the European dates, but I think they may change it tomorrow! I warn you, its going to be effing violent. It was just the right length methinks, but they couldn’t come back for a second encore cos of Gareth Gates at G.A.Y. Ugh. The set in a somewhat hapahazard order, correct me peeps who were there: Imperium None But My Own Take My Scars Left Unfinished Blood, Sweat, Tears Burning Red Trephination In the Presence of My Enemies Blood for Blood Ten Ton Hammer Descend the Shades of Night Number of the Beast Davidian Block (Circle Pit!!!!!) I’m sure that list is in the wrong order, but thats all the songs. Apologies, my ears are still ringing!!!” “It was fucking amazing. MH are always brilliant but I was just like WOW. Stood at the front when they played the intro (music from The Omen) I nearly wet myself I was that excited! I’m soooo gutted I can’t go again tonight. If it wasn’t sold out I’d buy a ticket cos I got paid.” “If you don’t want to get covered in blood, sweat and beers don’t go downstairs.” “After 3 songs I fainted god dammit.” “machine fuckin head!!! machine fuckin head!!! machine fuckin head!!!” “Hats off to Dave for his legs of steel, the double kick stole the show!! Phil, ya made me proud to be a ‘Head fan tonight my man. Everytime I looked at ya I got a big ol’ metal grin on my face. Adam your stage presence was incredible. Those magic fingers of yours were on lightning form. And Robb, god damn!! How can one man be such an axe-meister AND vocal king?? Personally I think it’s greedy to be so fuckin amazin at both!! You guys are tighter than my sisters push-up bra!!!! METAL AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Machine Head. London Astoria. Tonight. Sold Out.


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