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Through The Ashes Of London #2

Posted on February 12, 2008

So, not only did Machine Head slay London at the Astoria on Thursday night, but they blew the roof off on Friday night too! Even played a slightly longer set too… throwing in an extra cover or two… and different ones at that. Thursday’s crowd witnessed Number Of The Beast. Friday’s crowd rocked out to Queens Of The Stone Age’s Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, and Metallica’s Creeping Death. “Die, Die, Die, Die,” chanted everyone back at the stage. The guys totally on top form again, Phil stage-diving again… even playing in the photo pit down with the security guys before shoulder rolling back onto the stage, guitar in hand, and standing straight up into a shred. m/ Machine Head fan Jordy posted this up online earlier at the official Machine Head site, www.MachineHead1.com…. “Well last night I went to my first ever machine head gig. I first got into them in september 2001 when I heard ‘Bulldozer’ and I went and bought ‘Supercharger’. After falling in love with this album I bought ‘Burn My Eyes’ and when first hearing the riff of Davidian I was transfixed. I then bought TMTC and ‘The Burning Red’ and from then on they have been my favourite band. I listen to them everyday. Unfortunately the time I realised my love for The mighty Head, it was literally in the middle of their december UK tour 2001! And being 14 at the time there was noway I was able to go. So when I heard about the ten ton hammer show at the garage I was so happy! However I heard it was only for 18+ so I didnt get tickets. The day before the Ten Ton Hammer show I found out that the age restriction was 14 and I was majorly pissed! So last night i was so excited. Got in the queue at 2.15 so I could be at the front and in hope of meeting the band. I met Ian who is ‘Iamthedamnation’ on this forum. He was a really nice guy and a complete machine head fanatic! What a legend! In the end I only managed to met Phil, who is a top guy. Got my TTAOE album sleave and my ticket signed. But I didn’t get to meet Robb which was a bit of a disappointment but I am determined to one day! When we got in I ran to the front and got on the barrier pretty much in the middle, a bit to the right. The TTAOE album cover backdrop was awesome and the two ginormous machine head logos on either side of the stage were the things that really hit me and made me think “Fuck me, this is it, I’m actually going to see Machine Head.” Breed 77 were ok. Quite entertaining, with some badass riffs, however not really my cup of tea. The it was sikth, a band who I have a close following for. Ironically it was my sixth time seeing sikth! they were not as good as normal though, with a rather strange setlist wich was cut short, however they were still great! Pin (bald guitarist) gave me and my mate a guitar pick each which was rather nice of him! The wait for machine head was agonising! I was so excited thinking “Fuck me this is it!” And when the lights went out I couldhave cried cos I was so happy. The first note of imperium brought the band to the stage and fuck me there was Robb Flynn standing right in front of me! And Adam Duce, Phil Demmel and Dave McClain. When Robb shouted hear me now the whole place went fucking mental! The whole set i was being crushed and at times struggling to breathe but I refused to move for anything! Take my scars was awesome. In the first verse I was singing my heart out and I made eye contact with Robb and he pointed at me, which as pathetic as it sounds was the fucking greatest moment of my life! The Blood the Sweat the Tears was phenomenal and then came None But My Own. This may well be my favourite song of all time! That riff is enough to make anyone nod their head to the music and the end part was the best! Fuck me, I spazd out and went fucking mental (to the annoyance of my mate next to me who I elbowed in the face a load of times!) Left Unfinished was great and you could really see the emotion in Robb’s eyes when singing the lyrics, I have such a great admiration for him and the way he goes about life and Left Unfinished added to this. Then Trephination sent the whole place mad! Most probably the best song off Supercharger, once again with some very emotional lyrics, AWESOME!!!!! Ten Ton Hammer was great, especially where they begin the song and then stop before going into the badass riff! Then ‘The Burning Red’, another one of my all time favourite songs! This song makes me cry cos I’m a big softy and live it did bring a tear to my eye! Amazing! ‘In the Presence of my Enemies’ was probably the stand out track of the evening as it semmed to have a new life live. Don’t get me wrong, on CD its amazing too but better live! Especially at the end with all the crowd shouting along with Robb, “On Your Grave I Will Stand!!!!” And the final song before the encore, “Blood for blood”, was absolutely insane. That riff is heavenly and makes me headbang till i can headbang nomore! Then the encore beginning with ‘Descend the Shades of Night’ which is a beutifully crafted song, played to perfection live with the amazing sounds of the acoustic guitars. Loved it. Then oh my fucking god ‘DAVIDIAN!!!!! ‘. I think this completely lost me my voice! And broke my neck! Thats metal how it should be! And next the two covers, ‘Feel Good Hit of The Summer’, by QOTSA which i thought was a million times better than the original! ‘Creeping Death’ made the crowd go mad! I was in hysterics when Robb/Phil randomly added a ‘sweet child of mine’ riff in half way through the song! Great stuff! And Robb got the whole crowd shouting, “DIE DIE DIE DIE”, which was incredible, and Phil coming down the front at the end, letting us play his guitar was also incredible! Finally ‘BLOCK!!!!’ which was the best song I have ever seen live! FUCK IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best concert of my life! My ribs are bruised from being crushed against the barrier but i dont give a shit because last night i saw Machine Head, the best band on the planet and it was the best!!!!! I cannot wait for them to come back to the UK and when they do i will be able to drive so I will be going to every show! And I will hopefully meet Robb. I wanna say a big thank you to Robb, Phil, Dave and Adam for making my life so fucking great and for creating the best music on the planet. I hope the rest of the tour goes well guys! Take care and thanx again.” Jordy xx


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