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There’s No I In F*ck You

Posted on February 12, 2008

On the eve of a video shoot, this note from Walls Of Jericho… “compton here we come! or i mean anaheim. whatever thats the same right? close enough for me. either way we are leaving in the morning to head out to orange county and rock out for our first ever rock music video. should be a good time. we know the basic theme and its not supposed to be funny i guess but it makes me laugh every time i think or talk about it. maybe thats a good sign. we will see. if you are reading this and from the orange county area we are gonna need you to go ahead and come down to the chain reaction in anaheim bout 1pm on monday oct 4th. THATS THIS COMING MONDAY! show up and be an extra and become super popular amongst your friends. you know you want to. well if you read these on any regular basis you know that we never update these things. im not sure exactly why but the best reason i can come up with is that we arent fun or cool so nothing much really happens in our regular lives. and the band is pretty self explanitory. we play, we drive, we sleep, we fix our gear so we can play again. thats pretty much the idea. no reason to write that to you guys every day so we dont. on a similar subject worthy of note we just took an entire month off and it was amazing. i slept alot. i played some video games. i bought a motorcycle but unfortunately we leave for tour so i dont get to ride it til spring. but its good enough just to know that i made the commitment. im also drinking a coke. see how exciting we are! woo hoo! ok, well we kick off our tour with bleeding through, martyr ad, and it dies today this coming wednesday. bt and martyr are all good people and we already know we will enjoy it alot. im sure the it dies today dudes will be pretty sweet to boot. if not fuck em, we will arm wrestle for who gets to stay on the tour. haha. anyways, we go through oct 30th then drive straight home and leave for europe on nov 3rd. thats another month but get this, its with SICK OF IT ALL, 7 SECONDS, AND UNEARTH! HOLY FREAKIN SHIT!!!!!!! thats not even right how awesome that is. and to top the whole deal off, the last 10 days SLAPSHOT hops on and finishes it all out. thats gotta be the best tour in the entire world. we are easily the low part of the show but its still great to say its something we did. even if we are the ones everyone looks back at and wishes didnt make the cut. haha. whatever, fuckem. alright, im out. i gotta sleep. we leave at 8am and have a 36 hour drive that we need to do straight if we are gonna make the shoot. the live of rock stars just never stops.” mike


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