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The Spicuzza Sessions #2

Posted on February 12, 2008

Feb 3rd: Cardiff I was woken up to do an instore signing in 20 min. Didn’t realize I have slept the day away. I rushed to get ready and we had to leave promptly. It was worth it once I saw the huge line down the street. My day got better once I discovered wireless internet upstairs in the production office. Soon after my discovery about 5 laptops appeared with others wanting to share the fun. Mark just butted in and asked me to type: SMOKE PUSSY. Soon after we had sound check, a photo shoot, and a meet and greet with the street teamers. About 10ish we hit the stage. It was unbelievably hot and humid. The crowd was way into our energy and we fed off it. After three or four songs my neck went numb and I was no longer able to feel pain from the night before. All in all it was a rocking show. The night was sober because the lack of Absinthe. Off to the truckstop! Feb 4th: Exeter Once again I woke up 20 minutes before our instore signing. I’m started to get used to this. The line was huge and everyone who came ruled. The oddest thing I signed today was a menu from some random restaurant. Today was basically a typical tour day. Nothing exciting happened. The crowd was amazing. The shows have been getting better by the day. As a band we are getting into a zone. Highlight of the day, we had nice showers! Other than that, boring day. Feb 5th: Portsmouth I have no clue what to write about. Today was another typical day. The signing and show both went great. We signed some odd stuff today: a vodka bottle, a powder puff girls backpack, a police evidence bag, and some crutches. Our shower was far from amazing. It flooded after one use. That’s always a blast. Absinthe made it onto our rider again tonight! Kebabs are yummy. Feb 6th: London I had about 15 minutes to get ready for this radio takeover thing. We had the bus parked in front of the club on a busy street. My jackass was attempting to get luggage out of the bus bay while cars are zipping by missing me by inches. To top it off rain was pouring down. What a wonderful start to my day. Without a doubt, tonight’s show in London was our best headlining gig ever. Everything went smooth and the crowd was absolutely incredible. We’ve never had a response that good. Our hometown gigs in Cleveland can’t even touch London. After the gig we went down to the Crowbar for drinks. As usual it was beyond packed and it took forever to get in. I got to meet a bunch of cool people and downed quite a few cocktails. We stayed till closing then headed back to catch some cabs. While grabbing a hot dog from a stand I look across the street to see a huge scuffle. Not exactly sure what was going on. Some of our guys ended up down the street with the action. Cops showed up and all hell broke loose. That’s about all I’m going to tell you. Good Night. Feb 7th: Birmingham I’m starting to get sick. This happens almost every tour. I’m getting use to it now. This show went by pretty fast because of an early curfew. After the gig the club turned into a big rock party. Andy from ETID kept us entertained by ripping his shirt off and putting on women’s underwear. He then attempted to start a circle pit with the crowd. The night was pretty long and I drank too many brown eyes. In case you don’t know. It’s a drink passed down from Mr. Robb Flynn himself: one part coke, one part vodka.


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