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The Size Of The Bed

Posted on February 12, 2008

The last time we visited Red Tape, it was a little over a month ago and they were one week deep into the recording of their Roadrunner debut…so where do things stand now? Singer/Guitarist Jeff Jaworsky enlightens us as follows: What up everybody! Jeff from Red Tape here… We’re still down here in Burbank finishing up on the recording. So far, everything is turning out pretty dope! Then again, what would I say… it sucks? ) One thing that DOES suck is the 1 bed motel we’re all staying in now… I wish we were still back at the Oakwood Apts with Brody & ‘ol dude from QOTSA! -Ummm, I’m not gonna bitch about the 1 bed motel anymore after reading OPETH’s studio diary… they slept on air mattresses in the studio -way to go guys! We spend most of our time over at MT Studios, this guy Matt’s house basically. At this point, we’re completely finished with drums and guitars. All that’s left is a few vocal and bass tracks, and “baaaaaaam!” we’z done. Back to playing shows and such… What can you expect from this record? The same heavy, fast, and soulful punk rock fulla groove and hooks that has always been RED TAPE, but waaay tighter and more bass for your face! We’ve got 17 tracks, 2 of which will prolly end up as B-sides. Also, as of now we’re still tossing around names for the record… when it’s decided, we’ll let ya know. This has been an amazing experience… the best part for me was the Coffin Case bro stopping by with the hook-up! …well, maybe not the BEST -but it was rad. No slowing down yet… Can’t wait to share it with you all… g2g -jeff


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