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Unto Others

The Mustache Tour

Posted on February 12, 2008

Killswitch Engage are back in the country, and in fact terrorising Leeds tonight playing at the Cockpit. Called up Mike D’Antonio, KsE’s bassist, earlier today to see how things were, how the flight over was, if today’s instore at Crash went well, and so forth. So, we’ve got Mike on the phone… Mike, KsE: “Where are you?!” Kirsten, RR – “Here in the Roadrunner office, London.” Mike: “London?! What are you doing in London? We’re up here in Leeds!” Kirsten: “Sat here in London, about to write about you guys being up in Leeds.” Mike: “Get up here right now!” Kirsten: “Dude, you’re over 3 hours drive away. You’ll be in bed by the time I get there.” Mike: “I don’t care! I’m not answering any questions til you get up here!” [cackles] [some shuffling goes on] Adam, KsE’s guitarist: “Hey Kirsten! Where are ya?! Why aren’t you up here in Leeds?!” this could be a short phone call… Kirsten: “So Adam, how was the flight?” Adam: “Ah, you know, it was the red eye. We left at like 7pm our time and I didn’t sleep a wink. I stayed up all night watching romantic comedies… I’m such a girl!” [laughs heartily] Kirsten: “Heh. What did you watch?” Adam: “Hmmmm.. 2 Weeks Notice – Sandra Bullock with Hugh Grant. Kinda cute. But I needed a girl to giggle and snuggle up with! I befriended the dude next to me instead… but don’t worry, nothing happened.” Adam: “Do you know the worst bit was after we landed? We had some trouble with the tour bus meeting up with our tour manager or something and we ended up sitting in the airport arrivals lounge for like 10 hours!! Man, it was like the worst day of my life… I was so tired, it was like the middle of the night to us, I was just sitting there, drooling, all kinda ‘arrrrrgghhhh’.” Kirsten: “Ah man, that’s not good.” Adam: “I hafta say, the joy of my day was going to the little Wendys in the lounge area. I had one of their fabulous bean burgers.. and you know, I am SOOOO in love with HP Sauce.” Kirsten: “You don’t have that in the US?” Adam: “Nah man, the delights of the brown sauce. it’s kinda like our A1 I guess. Dude, I was putting that shit on with every bite.” Kirsten: “So, today was your first instore. How’d it go?” Adam: “Did ya see that thing I said before about how you guys can’t make pies over here? Putting shit like meat and horrible things in them? Well at the instore today, this kid came up to me and goes ‘Hey, I brought you this pie, I read what you said about us making pies over here.. this one’s blackcurrent’ – like isn’t that so sweet?! And it’s like my birthday today, so it’s I have a birthday blackcurrent pie! I’m gonna eat that later.. in fact, maybe I’ll eat that onstage later. And do you know, right after that he ran out and bought me a birthday card too! I have to find that guy later and give him a big ol’ hug… I’m just hoping he doesn’t want sex.” [chortles] Kirsten: “Anything else?” Adam: “We’re all trying to grow mustaches on this tour, but we’re not succeeding. You know Dice, our merchandise guy? His is AMAZING. I think he had a mega-headstart on us. The best besides Dice, is probably Tom, our drummer. Mine is terrible!! I’ve been growing it for 2 weeks and it’s so thin – it just looks like my lip is a little dirty! Maybe I should just draw one on, like with a sharpie marker pen or something. Ha! I know, I’ll just write ‘mustache’ in marker pen above my lip, that’ll do it. Actually, I’ll let you do it. This is the mustache tour…” Adam: “Oh, and you know what else?” Kirsten: “What…?” Adam: “I dyed my hair black. It was all blonde last time I was in the UK. I’ve been blonde for so long, when I first did it my mom was totally shocked and like ‘Who are you?! What have you done with Adam?!’ Ya know I like it now, but then, I was just going, ‘Man, I’m like the ugliest dude in the whole entire world!!'” And on that note, we wish Adam a great show and an even greater birthday… KsE touring the UK until April 11th… more to come…


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