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The Lowdown On Glassjaw

Posted on February 12, 2008

The Glassjaw camp have released an mp3 of one of the songs they have been recording, “Bartender”. Glassjaw’s upcoming release, titled Worship And Tribute, is currently due out in the UK on Warners sometime later this year, though you may find it on import from the US in some stores already. Due to ill health, the band have recently postponed their UK shows but hope to reschedule them in the near future. Some new song titles for ya… “Cosmopolitan Bloodloss”, “Midwestern Stylings”, “Tip Your Bartender” and “Must Have Run All Day”. Glassjaw has re-released their independent debut titled Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (what came before their amazing Roadrunner debut Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence). The band is currently selling it online HERE. Have yet to hear it myself, however with it carrying the name ‘GLASSJAW’, surely it must be good shit. So, tell us about the new songs? “Typical Glassjaw bullshit. Strung out acoustic jam-relaxed- codeine songs to total all-out war! There’s a lot of us finding ourselves going on. On the last record there was a lot of influence from Todd and my last band, Sons of Abraham. The material we’re writing now is very, very much Glassjaw – whatever that means. “We met with Ross Robinson last week while he was in town mastering Slipknot. It was great to see him. We’re looking forward to getting more chairs thrown at us in the studio this time!” Want to see the video for Siberian Kiss? Click here. This video was culled from a series of shows around the New York/New Jersey area on Glassjaw’s Fall tour with power metal leviathans, Shadows Fall. It was done on less than a shoestring by the band’s pal, Steve Pedulla: geetartist with NJ weepy-core heroes, Thursday. It shows you what fifty bucks, a couple of falaffel sandwiches and a whole buncha gumption will get you. While cleaning out the Roadrunner Vaults recently, we discovered a few paragraphs from Daryl Palumbo’s diary about Glassjaw’s tour with the Deftones last year. We also found a stash of tour photos taken by the band and crew themselves – unedited. Being nosy types, we decided to post them up so you could all read them… Did you catch the band supporting Soulfly in the UK in Nottingham, Glasgow, and London? Have a look at our TOUR PHOTO SPECIAL!! The band also took time out to host an instore signing session at Tower Records in Piccadilly, London signing everything from guitar plaster casts to giant pairs of underwear (clean we hope)! The photographic evidence is up in the gallery. Glassjaw are a band that comes out of the New York underground comprised of old vets and fresh faces making a sound that’s brutally direct yet soaringly melodic. Produced by Ross Robinson, Glassjaw’s Roadrunner/IAM debut touches upon the extremities of beauty and horror…tied directly into the psyche of 20 year old frontman Daryl Palumbo. Think brutality of the Deftones or the Bad Brains, the lushness of Radiohead and the lyrical introspection of vintage Elvis Costello. The Glassjaw debut album ‘Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence’ is available now in all good record shops for 퉌£11.99. If you want to check out Glassjaw’s site, have a look at www.glassjaw.com


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