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The Last Serenade of KsE

Posted on February 12, 2008

So, hot off the email. Words from Mike of Killswitch Engage all about the video shoot for ‘My Last Seranade’.. Without further ado… read on: “Just got back from LA. Wow what an experience making the “MY LAST SERENADE” video was. Truly an amazing time was had by all in KsE – from the catering to the directing, everyone was extremely nice to us and made us feel right at home. Here was our brutal schedule: Fly in to LA from Boston (6.5 hour flight) at 9pm (12pm Mass time) Wednesday night, Got to the shoot at 5:30am Thursday morning, shot till 5PM, Grabbed a flight from LA to Boston (4.5 hours) arrive in Boston Friday morning at 6:30 AM…. and now I am at work putting in a full time day (what a life, who needs sleep?) Paul the director was great… totally cool, made us feel comfortable and had awesome ideas for the shoot (Paul is a graphic designer/photographer/video director… he does it all, actually he is Marilyn Manson’s personal graphic designer… he does some incredible shit). His positive attitude and enthusiasm for the video was second to none. All credit goes to him and his fine crew. The video consisted mostly of us on a circular red stage doing a live performance with crazy florescent red lights all around us. Also included was some footage of an actress (Tracy) that was filmed for an intro and outro for the song, but we did the bulk of the work. Paul and crew shot everything in every way shape and form possible. Some of the hardest stuff to get the hang of was doing the slow motion (which is actually sped up) sequences and fast motion (which is slowed down) sequences. I gotta tell ya, it was a total work out, just like high school gym class except ALL DAY…. we must have played the song 100 times. We were all sleep deprived, covered in sweat, and exhausted from the heat of the lamps and yet we had the time of our lives. Guaranteed we will remember the experience forever! Special thanks to Paul Brown (director), Melissa (producer), Tracy (the hot chick in the video) and Lea (stylist). Everyone ruled.” Mike also let it be known that Duff of Guns ‘n’ Roses dropped by, as you do… The band is currently shooting their debut video – “My Last Serenade” – a track from the forthcoming Alive Or Just Breathing (May 20 street date). Collectively, they flew from Boston to LA last night (24th). After a stopping off at various LA hot spots, such as Taco Bell (see tomorrow’s interview with Adam), the band was fitted for some threads. As this is being written, the band is finishing up the ‘shoot’ part of the video. At the moment, performing live performance footage – word is the music is being played at 1/4 speed, so it looks real slow motion like…dig? The video, being shot in Culver City, will call it a wrap shortly. Then, the band takes the red eye back to Boston. Paul Brown, the man behind Coal Chamber’s “Fiend” video, is heading this effort.


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