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Dana Dentata

The Hate Machine Hits Belfast

Posted on February 12, 2008

The Morning After Belfast. Ah yes, the show last night Aug 27th.. totally kick ass we hear, but of course, as expected. Read on for a review sent in by James McCullough, trusty Roadrunner street teamer. “Holy good fuckin shit what a show. After standing around for about 45 mins the lights went out and the intro of 515 kicked in the whole arena starts screaming and chanting Slipknot, the band slowly took the stage and kicked into People=Shit which sounded just brutal, especially with Chris and Shawn providing some back-up screaming, even the kids in the stands were going nuts. Crowd favourites were probably My Plague during the chorus of which you could barely hear Corey singing due to everyone in the crowd joining in, also for the crowd sang the start of the Wait and Bleed before the band started. Heretic Anthem got the crowd going with the 666 chant with Corey saying Belfast was one the craziest crowds they’ve ever had I’d have to agree with more people screaming, moshing and going mental than any other Slipknot gig I’ve been to before. Sid was one mental guy swinging round Shawn’s (who’s gone back to his old style clown mask) drum riser then jumping off which he had already pissed on and thrown up over. During Spit It Out Corey made everyone sit down and explained how to pass the mental test which consisted off everyone jumping the fuck up when told so and everyone did jump the fuck up. For me the highlights of the night were defiantly the twisted Purity, which is just an incredible song, and New Abortion which being one of my favourite songs I thought sounded extra mind-blowing. To end it all off the Slipknot anthem Surfacing which drove the already exhausted crowd into one final frenzy. In Two Words Fuckin Amazin.” Awesome. Word has it that Belfast got to hear People=Shit, Liberate, Disaster Piece, Purity, My Plague, Eyeless, Spit It Out, Eeyore, Left Behind, Get This, New Abortion, Wait and Bleed, Sic, & Surfacing. So, following on from storming shows at Reading, Leeds, and Glasgow.. Belfast tonight.. what’s next for the Knot? The band are off to Germany for a remaining couple of shows, and then it’s back home to the USA. Craig tells, “just a short run, only a few dates. We’ve just gotten into it again and now it’s time to go home!” You can catch them in Germany at: 29th August – Wiesen Festival 31st August – Off Limits Festival, Georg-Melches Stadium, Essen 1st September – Off Limits Festival, Festwiese, Leipzig


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