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Dana Dentata

The Future Is Now

Posted on February 12, 2008

FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell has posted the following message on the band’s newly re-launched official web site: “The past has been nothing more than a template, a blueprint for what the future holds in store for us. The evidence is apparent, archived for all to see, hear, and comprehend. Nothing has been hidden from those who have been privy to that knowledge. It has all been written down and revealed in heraldic fashion, as a warning of what was to become of FEAR FACTORY. Placed in suspended animation for a period of two years, the FEAR FACTORY machine had to calculate its own future, assess the situation, and determine an outcome. This was to be an evolutionary step for a cognitive machine. Now, as a new dawn approaches, FEAR FACTORY is revitalized as a finely tuned, highly charged mechanism of destruction. The outcome is a new album, appropriately titled ‘Archetype’. The past two years have been a journey for us. Very much like the poetic journey of Dante Alighieri, we have traveled through Hell and Purgatory, and we still await the final chapter of Paradise. With the departure from long time label Roadrunner, we painfully strained to make it this far, and we are prepared to work even harder to continue even further. Our new label Liquid 8 [web site, parent company of D3 Entertainmentí¢ä‰åäóEd.] has the utmost belief in FEAR FACTORY, the likes we have not seen in many years. Burton, Raymond and Christian, companions on a mission of musical awareness, capability, and strength, are ready to unleash the knowledge of what we have been experiencing. We have learned much about ourselves, and are we are prepared to show everyone that FEAR FACTORY is once again open for business. There will be eleven new songs on the album to describe various episodes over these past two years, titled as follows: 1. Slave Labor 2. Cyberwaste 3. Default Judgment 4. Act of God 5. Drones 6. Corporate Cloning 7. Human Shields 8. Bite The Hand That Bleeds 9. Undercurrent 10. Bonescraper 11. Archetype We have also rearranged the working parts in FEAR FACTORY, to assure better performance. Raymond Herrera and I asked Christian Olde Wolbers to take the position of guitar player. He was the only candidate we could think of, because he has been an important part of this machine for many years, he understands the philosophy, and he knows what FEAR FACTORY must accomplish. We have assigned Byron Stroud from STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and ZIMMERS HOLE as bass player. We believe the choices we have made will enable this machine to run longer, better, and smoother. During this recording, we have utilized the programming talents of John C. Bechdel (who has been an integral part of the touring process of FEAR FACTORY for several years), Steve Tushar (who had remixed the demo version of ‘Archetype’, available on the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ soundtrack), and Rhys Fulber (who has been an important and evolutionary part of this machine for a decade), to add and matriculate those nuances to the music that have really set us apart from the herd. The music we have just recorded is a testament of faith and endurance. We persevered through seemingly endless battles, and, there were moments when hope was a futile concept, but together, we stood as one. The music, and lyrics, will reflect this journey, and will truly speak in decibels, withstanding all prejudice, judgment, and preconceived notions. A pure voice all on its own. For FEAR FACTORY, the future is now.” Do visit the band’s new site at: www.FearFactory.com


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