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The End Of An Era – Fear Factory Split

Posted on February 12, 2008

The following is an official press statement, personally written by vocalist Burton C. Bell, regarding the break up of Fear Factory. Burton’s words are as follows: On Saturday, March 2nd, 2002, I met with all the members of FEAR FACTORY. At that meeting I announced my personal feelings about the present situation within the band. I have been unhappy for quite sometime both interpersonally, and business wise, and that has rendered me creatively restrained. After extensive deliberation within my self, I decided that the best possible answer I was comfortable with was to leave the band. This is not a whimsical advance into the unknown, it is something that I have been thinking about for quite sometime. I have kept my feelings and realizations to myself until it was evident that it was a relationship that was unproductive to me as an artist. This decision was a sudden development to most everyone to whom I am familiar with. We have experienced many highs, and just as many lows in the span of 12 years, and I do not regret a single moment. I have searched within me, every possible avenue of execution in making this decision and I feel that for me, and my growth as an artist, moving forward is the best possible solution. I would like to extend my wishes to the guys í¢ä‰åñthe best of luck in their future endeavorsí¢ä‰åŒ. I will miss the relationship I had with the fans and I want to thank them for their support through all the years. Burton C. Bell It is with heavy heart that we write this, but recent rumors you may have heard or read elsewhere regarding Fear Factory are true. If you do not know what we are talking about, the bottom line is that Fear Factory is no longer together as a band. This past Saturday (Mar 2), vocalist Burton Bell sat the band down in their rehearsal studio to announce his intentions of leaving the band. For whatever reasons, Burton no longer has the want to carry on in Fear Factory. And the rest of the band – guitarist Dino Cazares, bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, drummer Raymond Herrera – do not have the want to carry on with Fear Factory without Burton. After 12 years, Fear Factory call it quits. Fear Factory, whom had actually been writing new material – recently sending in a demo of five new tracks (just guitar and bass tracks) – will still be recording at least one last song together for the time being. To take place at some point in coming weeks, they will be recording a new, as of yet untitled track for the upcoming “Terminator” video game. Plans after that are not yet fully known. However, we will surely be keeping tabs, and keeping you updated on all future band member endeavours. You have yet to hear the last from Fear Factory, as plans are forming to release their never heard debut album, Concrete, containing 16 tracks – half of which were re-recorded for their Roadrunner debut, Soul Of A New Machine. The album was recorded in 1991 and was produced by a then unknown Ross Robinson. It was this album that made its way to Roadrunner’s A&R dept and earned the band a record deal. Speaking of Roadrunner’s A&R dept, head of A&R Monte Conner, who signed Fear Factory, had this to say: “It’s hard to be sad when you consider that Fear Factory had a solid and successful 10 year run and for that, I am incredibly thankful. How many artists today even make it to a second album? All good things come to an end and in this case, it is a very natural thing to happen. It’s nice to know that they went out on a high after making an awesome record – Digimortal. As a consolation to the most diehard fans, we’ve got a few interesting things in the vaults that we will be releasing in the future. I want to thank Dino, Burton, Christian and Raymond for making some incredible records for Roadrunner and helping put this label on the map. I will forever be proud of these records and thrilled that I was a part of them . I wish all four of them the best in their future musical endeavors, and hope Roadrunner can be a part of some of them. FF – R.I.P.” A toast to Fear Factory, their 12 year career, their 10 year relationship with us at Roadrunner, and all releases and feats accomplished – all impressive. All our best.


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