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The Coal Chamber Update

Posted on February 12, 2008

Ever wonder what a press release looks like? Here is the most recent one from our files… Los Angeles, CA – Coal Chamber have been tearing it up across the USA on the Jagermeister Music tour for the past 6 weeks, proving to fans that the intensity of their live show is as intense as the music on their albums. í¢ä‰åñGet out of my rowboat!í¢ä‰åŒ a line from Coal Chamber’s Dark Days (out now), took on new meaning for the members of the band last week in Lubbock, TX. That night in Lubbock, TX on the Jagermeister Music Tour, a couple members of the band Coal Chamber had an on-stage scuffle that lead to the early departure of frontman Dez Fafara from the stage, forcing the remaining members to finish the rest of the set without a lead vocalist. The incident, which was fueled throughout the day due to several confrontations within the band, came to a head mid-way through Coal Chamber’s set. í¢ä‰åñDez and I are like brothers and sometimes we can get out of control, but in the end our love for the music and the band brings us back together,í¢ä‰åŒ comments Miguel. Coal Chamber was forced to cancel the remaining three dates on the Jagermeister tour as well as a few headline dates. í¢ä‰åñThis is just a minor set back for the band.í¢ä‰åŒ offers lead singer Dez. í¢ä‰åñWe plan to pick things back up on May 7th at the Key Club by playing a show for our fans, then we are off to NY to appear on Carson Daly’s show. We fight, we playí¢ä‰åŒ_that’s what we do.í¢ä‰åŒ The band will continue on despite this incident. Several US radio shows are scheduled for the month of May and a US headline summer trek is in the planning. If you are in the USA, be sure to tune your TV to Carson Daly’s Last Call on May 15th to catch the band’s first ever television appearance. So we mentioned another e-card right? Twas no lie… check out the very cool spooky e-card for new song “Fiend”! Not only do you get a cool Coal Chamber animation, and to hear the new song, there’s also the band’s new biography, photographs, lyrics, and even AOL IM buddy icons – absolutely free! Want more? Download yourself a free MP3 of new track Glow with a monster groove and a great hook. Still want more? See what happens when the crew moves into Anywhere USA – you’d wish it was your town: for your viewing pleasure, we present the almighty Fiend video. You can also request the Fiend video on Kerrang! TV – sel # 144. The previous weekend (13/14th April) Kerrang! magazine went to the city that never sleeps (Las Vegas) to write a feature on the band – expect to see the results in the mag around the end of April! Dark Days are coming: check out a very cool e-card at http://www.roadrun.com/darkdays. To celebrate the coming of their new album, Coal Chamber have completely redone their official website and the relaunch is NOW! Thanks going out to Frank Diaz (www.realityengine.net), Thredz (yes, the man behind the almighty Anyone & Chimaira sites too) and the team at Sensor Studios for some great design work. Check it out at: www.coalchamber.com. You can hear new Coal Chamber on cover mount CDs with the following magazines: Rock Sound (17/4) and Metal Hammer (22/5). March 4 was the filming day of Coal Chamber’s upcoming video, “Fiend”. The video, co-produced by vocalist Dez and Paul Brown, was shot at Universal Studios in California. interesting fact 1: fans who were asked to show up for the video shot were told to enter Universal Studios entrance off of Barham. The code word for security to let the fans in was “I’m with Mr. Pink and Coal Chamber.” It’s true. Word is that the video went smoothly. “Smoother than most video shoots that I have been in,” tells our very own Maria. translation – It must have been extremely smooth, because nobody ever talks about how ‘smooth’ a video shoot went From what we can tell you, there were two basic scenes to the video: 1 – fans moshing outside of a garage to the song “Fiend”. The band jamming in the garage would be Coal Chamber. Rock. interesting fact 2: the garage the fans were moshing outside of was none other than the garage of the Munster’s, from the tv show The Munster’s. 1313 Mockingbird Lane. It’s true. The other main scene of the video was a replication of the annual Day Of The Dead festival in Mexico on Halloween. Coal Chamber performing on a stage. The fans in front. Yes, several of you whom attended the shoot, will be in the final video. Thank you. Today Coal Chamber is packing and preparing for the upcoming US Jagermeister Tour, which will also feature the likes of Ill Nino and Drowning Pool. So you wanna hear new Coal Chamber? A new CC track is included on the forthcoming Resident Evil soundtrack, out now. Check out the Resident Evil trailer page where you can hear a stream of new song ‘Something Told Me’. A couple days ago, somewhere out in California, Meegs, Mikey, and Nadja loaded into a rehearsal space. Yes, Coal Chamber rehearsals for their upcoming spot on the Jagermeister Music Tour have commenced… Vocalist Dez is scheduled to join the rehearsals this upcoming Friday (Feb 15). However, as Dez tells, “I’m looking forward to it so much, I may go down a day early just to get tattooed in the room while they’re playing.” Coal Chamber is scheduled to spend the next three weeks in rehearsals before making the drive down to Orlando, FL for opening night of the Jager Music Tour, which also features Drowning Pool and Ill Nino. “Oh Yeah,” emphasizes Dez in regards to the upcoming trip. The Jager Music Tour starts March 8th and runs until the end of April. Yesterday, on the Anyone news page, we wrote how Anyone’s vocalist/guitarist Riz Story was en route with Metal Hammer personnel over to Coal Chamber’s frontman’s house, Dez Fafara. Riz is currently leading a double life doing a series of Through The Keyhole type pieces for upcoming issues of Hammer magazine – and sure enough Dez is one of them! All true. So, what happened? First, apparently Riz and the boys from Metal Hammer had a bit of car trouble, showing up at Dez’s pad 2 hours later than expected. No worries though, as Dez tells, “we had a great time”. So, what exactly was this in home feature all about? Riz was accompanied by a journalist who was taking notes whilst Riz and Dez spoke, and a photographer who was taking pictures of everything at Dez’s place – his artwork (both paintings and sculptures), Anahstasia’s artwork, pics of the backyard, bedroom – everything. What exactly did Dez and Riz speak about? Dez tells “Everything. From music to literature. I found out he’s a fan of Ghandi, he found out I’m a fan of Machiavelli.” Though we are not sure when this “Through The Keyhole With Riz Story” feature at Dez’s house will appear in Metal Hammer, it should be within the next couple months. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. In closing, Dez tells “It’s a true at home – t shirts, no make up, kicking back at home with the Fafara’s.” What did Riz have to say about hanging out with the Fafara’s? “Yesterday I went up to spend the eve with Dez of COAL CHAMBER. He’s got lots of beautiful art in his place that him and his girl create in there cozy crib. His girl is very artistic, beautiful inside and out, and they are a stony couple indeed. I wish them the best and hope to hang again soon, fate willing.” Riz’s next assignment had him hightailing it over to the almighty Osbourne’s pad to hang with Sharon and OZZY. You can read about that on the Anyone news page. Coal Chamber recently did a photoshoot, somewhere in LA… The shoot took place with Paul Brown at the helm, whom has to his credit Marilyn Manson shoots, Machine Head shoots (and actually did the artwork for the Supercharger release too), Motley Crue “The Dirt” artwork, among much, much more. You can check out these new photos right here in tthe gallery.


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