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Ten With Thirty-Six

Posted on February 12, 2008

Starting late last month, 36 Crazyfists hit Florida to start the recording of their second release. Time to play catch up: 10 questions with vocalist Brock Lindow go as follows: 1 – where are you? Brock – OK, right on giving me something to do while out here..I like it…we are in Davie, Florida. 2 – when did the recording start? Brock – The recording started two weeks ago. Drums and bass have all been layed down and the guitars started on Friday (June 13). 3 – what’s the living situation? Brock – I’m shacked up with (Steve) Holt (guitarist) and the living quarters are extremely nice, although ESPN went out four days ago. Somebody at the front desk better fix that shit…and they’re lucky the hockey season is over, or people could come up missing. 4 – what’s the breakfast situation? Brock – As far as breakfast, well they have quite the spread but my ass barely makes it up in time to get any, so it’s on a day to night basis on whether I make it or not…got it?@!! 5 – a typical day from wake to sleep nowadays… Brock – I wake up and go to the studio and listen to the rock all day just waiting for my turn to talk into the mesh. 6 – beverage most consumed on a daily basis? Brock – Orange Gatorade – man it’s friggin’ hot down here and us Alaskans are indeed melting…gotta keep the hydration up… 7 – do you like dogs? Brock – And yes, I love dogs! Don’t have one yet. 8 – # of songs you plan on laying down? Brock – We are laying down 12 songs for the record…or was it 11?? 9 – biggest difference from the recording of this album versus the last album? Brock – This record I’m not sure of the difference, it’s just another year in the life of our band, no real formula, just us being us…it’s definitely an ass kicker… 10 – one line you cannot stop saying… Brock – The one line I cannot quit saying is,”I CANT BELIEVE THE FLYERS ARE NOT HOSTIN’ THE CUP AGAIN!” I know they got booted in the 2nd round, I just like to continue to bitch.


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