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Talking ‘Bout Dry Kill Logic

Posted on February 12, 2008

Didn’t we previously mention that DKL was checking out bands coming through town? Well, now we expand on that…a few words from bassist Dave Kowatch on the songs, sights and sounds, seen and heard: 1) The Drowning Pool, Coal Chamber, Ill Nino, 40 below Summer tour at the W.W.F. center was the shit. I got down there early after having 2 Guinness beers on the ride down. Saw the boys in 40 and I.N. The show was loaded and killer. I saw some DKL shirts down there. Met These dudes, Frank and Ryan, at the bar that had a DKL shirt on and I had a few drinks with them, okay a lot of drinks. Thanx for hanging. I also saw Triple H, and the local street teamers, the Pit Dogs are still in effect. By the end of the night I was drunk, but met a few members from the band Dope. 2)Then Friday DKL went up to the webster Theater to see Skinlab. That is on hell of a drive there and back. Phil was tired, but did not fall asleep on the long ride home. We all were hanging out on their R.V. and it brought back memories of touring. The next day, the boys in Skinlab drove to my house and we all went to the city for the parade and the sites. In all the hanging and partying we left there tech in the bathroom, and lost him for 30 min. It was long day that ended up at St. Marks pl. and C.B.G.B.’s. So on the ride home, on the subway, we were still drinking and someone accidently stepped on a passenger’s shoe. This guy would not let it go. He and his friend wanted to take on all 9 of us, and we do not look normal at midnight, drunk and tired. So this dude pulls out a gun on us, yeah no shit, the whole subway cleared out in no time, like in a cartoon. Steev, being a large pissed off guy, just took over the situation and told the guy to leave. So even if you have a gun, you still can be a piece of shit, and so he left. Later that night we all went out to some local bars, and another huge fight almost broke out when S.L.’s drummer took a picture of a girl. She flipped and wanted the film. So basically we said fuck no and kept on hanging in the midst of her pissed off friends. *******DAMN SKINLAB IS HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH, I LOVE THOSE GUYS****** AND THEN REAL EARLY IN THE MORNING THEY WOKE ME UP TO JUMP START THEIR R.V. 3) Then all of us hit the Jagermeister tour in conn. It is great to see Coal Chamber live again. They were an early inspiration for all of us. They were sick as ever. It was a trip to see Cliff and Phil hanging out and doing shots. We hung with all the boys from Jagermeister and did shots right out the bottle. Thanx for the great time to the Jager crew, especially Rick Z. and Rich Hardesty, who has a cool cd. Currently, the band is “doing laid-back rehearsals,” as bassist Dave Kowatch tells. “we are in the studio finishing up a song, finishing the mixes actually.” Did You Know? The current place where DKL is recording these demos, it is the same place that Anthrax is recording at. It’s true. Dry Kill Logic leave with one last line today, about Fear Factory – “we were long time fans. They were the first band we toured with and they taught us a lot. We will miss them.” We mentioned yesterday that the band will be hitting a studio in upstate New York on Wednesday to do rough recordings of nine new tracks. Well, we now have a few song titles of these new tracks for you – “This You Never Want”, “Still Bleeding”, “Death Of The Day”, and “Neither Here Nor Mist”. Hey, and did you check out the www.espguitars.com homepage yet? Do it now… For the past month, Dry Kill Logic has been rehearsing 7 days a week…though bassist Dave Kowatch admits “might have missed 2 days somewhere along the line”. So, what do they have to show for the past month of rehearsals? Well, this upcoming Wednesday (Feb 6) the band heads into some studio in some town in upstate New York to do rough recordings of nine new tracks…to give others an idea of what they have been working on… Come Friday (Feb 8), Dry Kill Logic will be heading to the Machine Head concert at Irving Plaza in NYC to hang out, and see old friends and fans. All except possibly Cliff, who might have to stay back should he still need to throw vocals down on the new tracks from Wednesday’s recording session. Amongst your travels on this great wide web, be sure to check out Scary Guy’s Dry Kill Logic page – you’ll find buddy icons, wallpapers, lyrics & more whilst being sent in the right direction for everything DKL. Check it out at www.dkl1.cjb.net. Just a line to point you all in the right direction – RazorArt.com, some of our favourite folk on the web (big shout out to Thredz), is currently running a featured bands special on Dry Kill Logic. Check it out, and check out their most recent interview with DKL bassist Dave Kowatch. Excellent work… A very reliable source in the Roadrunner US office, that being the famed Marketing Matt, informs us that a new video from Dry Kill Logic was delivered late last week. New video? Yes. It was written previously that the band recorded a cover of the U.S. baseball anthem “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” for the upcoming PlayStation 2 game MLB Slugfest 2003 (due out in the US in March 2002) – a hardcore, full contact baseball game. Well, apparently the recording wasn’t a spot on cover, but more of a rendition of the tune. And the title of what came of this rendition is “Riot At The Bat Rack”. And, a video was made for the track. Marketing Matt tells the video features shots of the band playing in front of some green screen, live footage, as well as baseball plays. The song is signature Dry Kill Logic, very heavy. When are where this video will pop up has yet to be determined, but rest assured you will be afforded the chance to see it here in the future. Check out our cool Dry Kill Logic e-card. DRY KILL LOGIC is a beast of its own one that claws at you and gets under your skin and into your head the way that few bands do. Prepare for The Darker Side of Nonsense to do some permanent damage to your cerebral cortex – it’s out now! Full tracklisting is as follows: Nightmare Feel The Break Pain Nothing Assfault Weight A Better Man Than Me Rot Track 13 Give Up, Give In, Lie Down The Strength I Call My Own Goodnight ‘The Darker Side Of Nonsense’ is available now from: HMV, Virgin (퉌£2 off with Kerrang! voucher 20/6), VShop/Our Price, MVC, Andys, and good indies. Download Free Prong Cover – On September 23rd, Dry Kill Logic spent a day at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. The purpose of the trip? They recorded a cover of Prong’s “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”, whose use was intended to be a “b-side” on the band’s upcoming US metal radio EP titled “Rot”. Well, all has come true.Today being the first time many of us here at Roadrunner heard this “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” cover, it shall be the same for you. Outside of recording the American Baseball anthem “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” in mid October for the upcoming Midway MLB SlugFest extreme baseball game, this is the latest recording from the talents of DKL. Hot off the E-mail… We asked Cliff what he and the guys thought of their trip over here and they had such a great time, they wrote you all a short note! “Hey everyone! Cliff from Dry Kill Logic here. I just wanted to take a second and write to you all and say thanks for an amazing time in September when we cam through with Spineshank. We had a blast, and we hope you did as well. You all kick a lot of ass, and we’re hoping to be back over really soon. I’d also like to say thank you to all the kids that took the time to write to us and express their condolences for the Trade Center bombings. The band and their families are fine, and we can’t begin to tell you how humbled we were by the kind words. You guys are definitely the shit, and we can’t wait to come back over there and play for you guys. Take care, be safe, and until next time… stay M.E.T.A.L. -Cliff & Dry Kill Logic” Did you see Dry Kill Logic live in the UK with Spineshank in September 2001? Check out our photos of the tour in the gallery. Currently www.ESPguitars.com is running a couple interviews online – one with Dry Kill Logic bassist Dave Kowatch, and the other with Machine Head guitarist Ahrue Luster. Check em out… DKL had a few seconds to rest before they got back on the road. They managed to crank out an awesome interivew with www.brakeout.net and let us know whats up with them at the moment. Check out their most recent interivew. Check out their official site at www.drykilllogic.com


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