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Strange Generation

Posted on February 12, 2008

Well, the upcoming Dirty Americans album has been recorded in full. As of present, the album is being mixed. So, for those of you who have been following the Dirty Americans story, you will fully understand each and every word written below. For those of you who are new to this band, read below and know that all is true. The following comes from the band’s A&R Rep here at Roadrunner, Mike Gitter: Be it known that the Dirty Americans record, now officially titled Strange Generation is a sterno-fueled blast of pure rock to the sternum. Got the rough mixes on constant play in my office and this record is a motherfucker. Knock any notion of The Workhorse Movement out of your skull. That’s ancient history. Forget the Kid Rock wannabe bullshit. This is pure shit-kicking music. Foghat. Grand Funk. KISS. Kyuss. The list rolls on… Basically, the boys from Detroit went down to Memphis to make a record with Mr. Paul Ebersold and entered a time-warp somewhere betwixt 1967 and 1974. Get it? Now KICK OUT THE JAMES MUTHAFUCKAS! Soooo many killer jams. The Blue Oyster Cult molesting “Burn You Down,” “Strange Generation,” a ditty called “Car Crash” that rips a page out of the Queens of the Stone Age meets Cheap Trick play-book…the desert rock opus, “Deadman.” The rock just never stops. And let’s talk about the playing. Jeff “Freedom” Piper: mega-guitar hero. Myron….what a fucking cool whiskey-soaked growl. Pete Bever keep the bass a pumpin’ and drummer Jeremiah is behind it all, whacking the shit out of the drums. You may know Ebersold from records like the first mega-selling 3 Doors Down but fukkit, this guy knows how to crank it the fuck up. The Dirty Americans Roadrunner debut is lean, mean and will probably eat your sister for dinner. Like Stan Lee says…. EXCELSIOR!


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