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Dana Dentata

Stone Sour & Murderdolls – Manchester

Posted on February 12, 2008

Please put this on the site. I’m Richard Cahill and this is a review for the Manchester gig for Stone Sour & Murderdolls. Happy to oblige – thanks for emailing Richard. What can I say, two of the three bands tore shit up. Elviss weren’t great and received more than enough abuse, but they did well to keep their cool as long as they did. Anyway, then was the return of Corey Taylor and friends to Manchester. Wow! The guitar riffs ripped through the intense atmosphere and woke everyone up. The pit had begun and from this point forward wouldn’t stop till the show had ended. The mellow guitaring of Bother mixed in with Metallica’s Sanitarium provided good support for the thundering distortion of Get Inside and Choose. Classics such as Inhale and Monolith were played well. What a sight though when Corey fell and nearly broke his arm and said “you fuckers think that was funny”.. “yes” we all shouted and Corey’s response was simply “fukin assholes.” If I remember correctly they finished with Tumult and this left me falling down, god I was exhausted but I had to begin recuperating for the Murderdolls set! When the lights went and Murderdolls crept upon the stage a wave of cheers awakened any sleeping parents in the crowd. They opened with Dawn Of The Dead. Other songs included 197666, Let’s Go To War, People Hate Me and Love At First Fright. White Wedding got everyone jumping around and chanting the words like they’d known the Murderdolls for their whole life. The set had everything, Joey in his scarlet wig, Wednesday with his ‘FUCK’ umbrella and Ghoul with his thumping drumming. The solos were crushing and wiped any problems you had from your mind. There were alot of younger kids there which shows that metal bands and the Murderdolls are really taking the UK by storm. It was to my surprise that Acey got naked, not a sight I was planning on seeing. It was love at first fright when I got to spend the night with my very own b-movie scream queen (kiz,wat a night hey!) Everyone going to Murderdolls concerts in near future better get ready to have a slice of that murder pie. What a night. The Murderdolls and Stone Sour came, saw and conquered once again.


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