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Stone Sour in Scotland

Posted on February 12, 2008

Two reports for you on the Stone Sour Glasgow show. The first, straight from one of our teamers who met the band before the gig… thanks for the write up Mik! What can I say, entertainer, jackass, joker….3 words that make me think of Corey. When we got in at first he was nursing a hangover from the Mudvayne show so he (along with Jim and Shawn) were quiet…for a second or two. As soon as they got going, Corey at centre stage, things just kicked off with stories of pitchers of ale over Clown from Slipknot, flaming cymbals, Rainbow strobe lights and Leprecaun hats. Then…they hit the stage tearing thru most of the album tracks, throwing in non album track ‘Inside The Cynic’..this track itself proves what a RAWK band these guys are..fists in the air, crowd chants of ‘STONE SOUR’, waves of water and beer thrown all over the place…this is what this music does to people. This band is what music is all about. Fuck the hype, Fuck the bullshit, this is the Real Thing. Second report, from the Roadrunner ROTR (Rep On The Road) Luke. The show was blindin’, fantastic… everyone was jumping around like maniacs, the floor was bouncing, people were chanting ‘Corey! Corey! Corey!’ At the meet & greet with the street team, Corey was regaling everyone with tales of Stone Sour and Slipknot tours – all this talk of overloading smoke machines and severed beaver tails being thrown around! As for the show, Corey had to stop playing 3 times during ‘Bother’ coz everyone was clapping so loudly and out of time! Of course when he apologised for asking people to stop clapping, and started playing again everyone just clapped harder! Joel and Jim were clapping at the side of the stage encouraging everyone to join in, and Josh even came out with a lighter…” Fun times indeed… as for the Newcastle show last night our ROTR had to say he’d “never seen a pit like it”. Birmingham & Manchester to come tonight & tomorrow.


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