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Roadrunner Welcome Sinch

Posted on February 12, 2008

Hailing from Eastern Pennsylvania, Roadrunner Records has just inked a deal with the band SINCH. The band formed back in late 1994 while still in high school, and over their past 6+ years of existence, the four piece lineup has remained untouched! “I have known the band for several years and watching their evolution has been an amazing experience,” tells the man responsible for bringing SINCH to Roadrunner, Paul Conroy. What does “Sinch” mean? Here’s a few words from the guys themselves… “The word “sinch” means to “pull tight” or to “tighten” as you would a knot. We were not aware of this meaning when the name was chosen for the band. Prior to joining the Roadrunner family, the band released two full length albums, “The Strychnine” and “Diatribe”. More recently, a 6-song EP titled “Project: Bluebird” has been sold on a limited basis at some US shows. It contains 5 new songs and a newly recorded version of “Pain” which appeared on the album “Diatribe.” Want to hear some Sinch? Check out MUSIC for a track from them that was re-recorded just this past week with producer Eddie Wohl and Scrap 60 Productions. The track is titled ‘The Silent Acquiescence Of Millions’. We hope you enjoy – tell us what you think! And in case you frequent mp3.com and were wondering about the band ‘Sinch’ on there… The RR-signed Sinch say “We recently discovered that there *are* a few other bands going under the name Sinch. The two we know of are from Chicago, IL and Chorpus Christy, TX. The Sinch from Texas have informed us that they’re undergoing a name change, so that’s one less we have to worry about. But there could be more. There is a DJ Sinch, but we think that sounds kinda cool, so we’re leaving him alone. If you hear of any more please let us know.” To learn more about the band…check out their website at www.sinch.net.


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