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Posted on February 12, 2008

Roadrunner’s 25 years of existence coincided with the birth of Heavy Music as we know it today. In the label’s earliest days, Roadrunner began licensing now-classic U.S. releases for distribution to rabid fans overseas, truly growing American Metal on a worldwide scale. By the late eighties, Roadrunner was signing its own talent í¢ä‰åäóì bands from around the World that would quickly become titans in their own right. In 2005, to commemorate 25 years of genre-defining music, Roadrunner will re-release those albums that are truly Metal classics, each with bonus content relevant to the era in which it was put to tape plus extensive liner notes and expanded artwork. These are the ultimate editions of must-have albums. Details of the first 6 re-issues follow: Sepultura ‘Roots’ Double CD CD1: Roots Bloody Roots Attitude Cut-Throat Ratamahatta Breed Apart Straighthate Spit Lookaway Dusted Born Stubborn Jasco Itsari Ambush Endangered Species Dictatorsh*t. CD2: Procreation (Of The Wicked) Mine War Lookaway (Master Vibe Mix) Mine (Andy Wallace Mix)* Dusted (Demo) Roots Bloody Roots (Demo) R.D.P. (Demo)* Untitled (Demo)* Attitude (Live) Roots Bloody Roots (Megawatt Mix 1)* Roots Bloody Roots (Megawatt Mix 2)* * = previously unreleased. Fear Factory ‘Demanufacture’ Double CD CD1: Demanufacture Self Bias Resistor Zero Signal Replica New Breed Dog Day Sunrise Body Hammer Flashpoint H-K (Hunter-Killer) Pisschrist A Therapy For Pain Your Mistake* !Resistancia!* Concreto* New Breed (Revolutionary Designed Mix)* Manic Cure* Flashpoint (Chosen Few Mix)* CD2: Remanufacture National Panel Beating Genetic Blueprint Faithless Bionic Chronic Cloning Technology Burn T-1000 Machines Of Hate 21st Century Jesus Bound For Forgiveness Refinery Cyberdyne* Refueled* Transgenic* New Breed (Spoetnik Mix)* * = rare track. King Diamond ‘Abigail’ CD + Bonus DVD CD1: Funeral Arrival A Mansion In Darkness The Family Ghost The 7th Day Of July 1777 Omens The Possession Abigail Black Horsemen Shrine A Mansion In Darkness (rough mix) The Family Ghost (rough mix) The Possession (rough mix) DVD: Live in Gothenberg, Sweden, 1987*: Funeral Arrival Come To The Sabbath The Portrait The Family Ghost The 7th Day Of July 1777 Halloween * = previously unreleased. Mercyful Fate ‘Melissa’ CD + Bonus DVD CD1: Evil Curse Of The Pharaohs Into The Coven At The Sound Of The Demon Bell Black Funeral Satan’s Fall Melissa Black Masses Curse Of The Pharaohs (BBC Radio 1 Session) Evil (BBC Radio 1 Session) Satan’s Fall (BBC Radio 1 Session) Curse Of The Pharaohs (demo) Black Funeral (demo) DVD: Live at The Dynamo, Eindhoven, Holland, 1983*: Doomed By The Living Dead Black Funeral Curse Of The Pharaohs * = previously unreleased. Soulfly ‘Soulfly’ Double CD CD1: Eye For An Eye No Hope = No Fear Bleed Tribe Bumba First Commandment Bumbklaatt Soulfly Umbabarauma Quilombo Fire Song Remains Insane No Prejudice Karmageddon Cangaceiro Ain’t No Feeble Bastard Possibilty Of Life’s Destruction Blow Away CD2: Live at Roskilde ’98*: Eye For An Eye No Hope = No Fear Spit Bleed Beneath The Remains Tribe Bumba Refuse-Resist Quilombo Roots Bloody Roots Attitude The Song Remains Insane No Live at Crossing Border Festival*: Max Cavalera spoken word performance Spoken Word Jam Eye For An Eye (4-track demo) * = previously unreleased. Coal Chamber ‘Coal Chamber’ CD + Bonus DVD CD1: Loco Bradley Oddity Unspoiled Big Truck Sway First Maricon Puto I Clock My Frustration Amir Of The Desert Dreamtime Pig Headstones And The Walking Dead Big Truck (Hand-On-Wheel Mix) Pig (demo) Sway (demo) Unspoiled (demo) Loco (demo) DVD: Live concert recordings ‘Loco (video)’ The 25th re-issue series will be completed by Killswitch Engage ‘Alive Or Just Breathing?’, Nickelback ‘Silver Side Up’ + ‘Live At Home’ í¢ä‰åäóì both released on October 24th, and Machine Head ‘Burn My Eyes’ CD í¢ä‰åäóì released January 2006.


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