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Roadraging Wolverhampton #2

Posted on February 12, 2008

Holy shit, it’s half 12 in the afternoon and I have just woken up sore and achy but with a huge smile on my face from a fantastic night out! I was at the venue early and after getting cold went for a drink with some mates to a nearby pub and saw a snake of people from the entrance round the corner, (never have I seen this at the venue) When I got in I went right up front so I could be as close as possible to CHIMAIRA as I haven’t seen them live and needed to see them. As soon as Power Trip kicked in I knew I was in for an amazing night. Their whole set was flawless and I was impressed with the carnage after “Metal Moses” parted the metal sea. Next up were one of my favourite bands, the mighty ILL NINO. Another wicked performance for the guys mixing up classics like Loco, Unreal and God Save Us with the new How Can I Live and Te Amo…I Hate You. The new guys in the band fit perfectly and Cristian’s showmanship has to be seen to be believed. Getting the whole venue to chant “Chi mair ra, Spine shank and Ill Ni no” over and over so that Evanescence would hear upstairs as they were playing next door. I have only been in one moshpit that was as brutal as that. Nino just keep getting better and better! SPINESHANK were the final band to come out and as soon as their intro kicked in the venue went nuts. Mr Santos is amazing but sadly I missed a good portion of therr set as my brother was gettin treated for a bump he took in the mosh pit… from the back though they sounded amazing and much better than I imagined. They have at least one new fan now anyway! Adam Curson Adam, little something in the post to you too. Thanks for emailing.


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