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Roadraging Newcastle

Posted on February 12, 2008

Amy & Abby, hangin’ with the boys… at the chippy?! So the evening started with a drink at the local waterhole (sitting outside the venue with a can of Castlemaine), as me and my friend were enjoying our beverage (begining to feel a lil woozy)…who were we to see, but none other than Laz from Ill Nino. “How splendid” I thought (I like your hair….I fumbled). So in need of relief (a piss) the lovely young gentleman led me and my friend backstage, where we continued in a graceful manner (fell over arse over elbow) into a sound check. Where we sat and politely chatted to various members of Chimaira, Ill Nino, and Spineshank (drivelled on about music, politics and religion). Whilst in conversation, several members/roadies, were in need of herbs and quickly followed by food (weed, mmm munchy). So I took the lovely Jessie and Mike to a spiffing little resturant (the chippy)! Having returned to the venue, the doors were just opening (long story short). With front row seats, my friend and I sat and cheered on the band, casually singing along to lyrics (waving arms wildly and yelling “cool” noises). Our dear friend Laz was waving during the set, which was very nice of him I thought (after the show I was told off for not noticing him practically dive off stage and yell in my ear). At the end of Spineshanks set, we were feeling a lil energized (WOOO THAT FUCKING ROCKED!!! m/). With passes in hand we walked backstage and continued the evening with story telling and looking for refreshment (cursing fart jokes and looking for more beer and cigs). With the evening almost done, my friend and I gave a hearty handshake to each band member/roadie, congratulating them on a lovely performance.(climbing on their backs and yelling ROCK-ETH). And so ends a night with Abby and Amy.(I only remember cos of the police records….okay now I’m kidding). Abby Matthews Castlemaine, chips, and cigs… nice one Abby, thanks for the email.


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