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Roadraging Manchester

Posted on February 12, 2008

I arrived at the venue around 6:30 and got in line for possibly the gig of the year. The doors opened later than expected, with a girl outside becoming pareletic, best wishes go out to whoever she was. Anyway when we finally all got inside the show really started. Chimaira were on first and what a set considering they only had as much as half an hour, but when they return in February they are now guranteed a following. Mark Hunter split the crowd giving himself the nickname metal moses, but not one of the band gave a poor display. Crunching guitar riffs and intense fast drumming got the pit moving. Songs such as Dehumanizing Process and Cleansation tore the place down, and I dont believe there will have been one complaint, apart from the length of the set, but definitely more than expected from probably the best have metal band to emerge onto the scene in recent time. Pure Hatred ended it and everyone simply went mental. Ill Nino had a tough act to follow and to be honest they certainly didnt disappoint. Their set stretched from songs off the new album such as ‘how can i live’ to older classics such as god save us and unreal. But flashing lights and heavy drummin, three drummers at one point. But the latino mettallers are back and with performances like this i would expect them to be around for a long time yet. A band to look out for all youngsters just gettin into this music. Finally, was Spineshank and they were awesome. Synthetic, Smothered and the beginning of the end. Songs that will long remain in the minds of heavy metal fans all over Manchester. I’ll just say that one special lady made this set very enjoyable for me. [Webm’s note: Oh? Now THAT sounds like an interesting Roadrage tale…] Jonny Santos was ripping up with his ferocious vocals and the guitaring was amazin. Words cant describe how good this band performed on the night, with the finally being Mark Hunter coming on to join Jonny in a last minute rampage. This tour has been a success and for the good of metal, i hope that this continues for years to come, bands such as the ones last night need to get the apprecciation they deserve for all the hard work they put into making these records and putting on shows such as this. Heavy metal lives on in the hearts of those that were their last night, and if this tour continues it will for many years to come. Nice one Richard (and your lady friend…). Good time had by all then!


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