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Ride The Reptile

Posted on February 12, 2008

Hey, please tell your friends and whoever that the website is back up at http://www.throwdownGo.com. Some dickface is going and getting himself sued for “cybersquatting” on our old address, so start peeping this one out for all your news and online merch needs. How wack is the word cybersquat? Sounds like it would be virtual shitting or something. Not nearly that cool, though, from what lawyers expalin to me. We’ll have the old address, xthrowdownx.com back soon enough and routed to the same page. You know you’re a real band when you own more than one web address, right? As I’m sure most of you know, we’re going out with Lamb of God, Fear Factory and Children of Bodom next month. You should probably go if you are in the US. Something for everyone there. We might have a tour pet by then and it might be a fuckin monitor lizard or something, so worst case scenario, if you don’t like the bands then you can come ride a giant fuckin reptile. Anyhow, Norma Jean tour is going awesome. Those dudes rule and have a killer 808 pad that makes at least 30 dudes with long hair shit their tight pants each night. For you Southern metal fans that never bothered to check NJ out before, do it cus there’s some serious riffs that rival the racism of Crowbar and Pantera. Get familiar. Hey this is our last hail mary effort…we need to get our fucking Canadian drummer a cell phone. He’s a neandrethal from a third world country that doesn’t have electricity let alone wireless technology, so he’s standing firm in his ways. Please, when you see him, can you roll on him and talk shit to him for being a pussy. Better yet, if you have an old cell phone through Verizon Wireless then please donate it to him. We get free mobile to mobile,and as much as we have to march around Super K or Walmart in the fitness section trying to find him, we’ll be needing those extra minutes. Thanks. That’s all for now. World Championship poker is on television right now and…well…priorities are priorities. Here are a few photos of our band buddies on ozzfest to enjoy til next time. I’ll let you know if anything life changing happens in the next few days. – Throwdown


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