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Rhythm virtuoso Dave Mackintosh, fills us in on the Dragonforce UK tour.

Posted on February 12, 2008

Dragonforce’s rhythm virtuoso Dave Mackintosh has taken time out of his hectic schedule to update us on the bands current UK tour. It’s that time again folks, I’ve been asked to write a diary,(and no one else can be assed to do it), so here goes, (by the way, please bear in mind my punctuation is shite, spelling even worse, and usually I will be either getting drunk, drunk or nursing a hangover). HELLO FOLKESTONE!!!!!29/11 The first date of our final tour, to wrap up the busiest year ever! middle of no where, huge room, sold out already. This is the biggest production for us on this tour, we have our own articulated lorry, carrying our own huge p.a. rig and monitor system, and a massive lighting rig with loads of trusses, once it’s all up, it is awesome, we have the largest and best crew to date, some from old blighty, and some from the u.s. I have a massive new shiny kit,(not sure whether to play it,or fly it!) the rest of the boys all have shiny new toys to play with too, so if your at a show and it sounds shit,it’s our fault! lol. So, the show, I walked up on stage to see a packed room, just a sea of people, I didnt know we would sell out that place, but holy fuck! what a roar as we went on! Fans were just fantastic. For a first show,we were all really happy, sound was great,fans were great!!! what can I say? After the show,the beer and wine was flowing freely as usual,i nipped across the road and had a lovely curry!(not so good on the way out though!) all in all a great night. Highlight of the day? finishing the show with no major injuries. low point? see curry above. quote of the day? “bugger off ya bastard” Remember: Dragonforce’s stunning album ‘Inhuman Rampage’ OUT NOW!!


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