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Rhythm virtuoso Dave Mackintosh, fills us in on the Dragonforce UK tour.

Posted on February 12, 2008

Dragonforce’s rhythm virtuoso Dave Mackintosh has taken time out of his hectic schedule to update us on the bands current UK tour once again. CARDIFF!, 02/12/06 Mad,just bloody mad as bicycles. Never fails to impress me, the cardiff crowd. They’re fecking nuts, once again, as in leeds, they are queing for like 3 hours, chanting and singing our songs, (and some more somewhat “traditional” welsh numbers), usually involving fecking and drinking, very entertaining! sold out!!! a room packed with insane fans, what a crowd interaction! We were just having a ball tonight, everything is running smoothly, Herman and Sam are in top form, Fred prancing round like……well a frenchman, ZP is wailing (when he wasn’t up on my riser generally prodding me feeding me water,and doing his best to put me off), Vad is running around like a headless chicken, back and forth like a thing possessed! Was a mad show, just once I would like to see us fools from the front! a wonderful night! high point of the day? crazy fans! low point? none! quote of the day? “ball bag grab is so last year man, growler grab is the new vogue” If you have any pictures from the tour, why not send them in? If they’re good enough we’ll post them up with a credit. You may even get a cheeky treat in the post. SEND A PIC


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