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Review The Tape

Posted on February 12, 2008

More times than not, seems the good folks at www.hitthepit.com are the first to come in with album reviews. The tale of Red Tape’s Radioactivist is no exception. That being said, check out the first review of this upcoming 2004 release, as detailed by www.hitthepit.com: Red Tape is a high powered four-some that is poised to claim 2004 as the year to make their abrasive voice be heard. The band has a sound that falls somewhere in-between Black Flag, Amen, Snapcase, and Minor Threat. But what separates Red Tape from these other acts is their knack for writing a catchy chorus. Big and melodic, some of the chorus’s on ‘Radioactivist’ could be universally accepted, but is commercial radio smart enough to stand up and listen? Without a doubt “Stalingrad” is the strongest effort of the record. Plucky guitars accompany a singy chorus that you will more then likely hear on a number of movie soundtracks over the next few years. The effort screams to have fun, and as a whole begs for the listener to rock out with their cocks out. It is a rambunctious release of energy that rips! Well done! “Droppin’ Bombs On Your Moms” is an old school Minor Threat type track that hits hard. Gang vocals work hard to hammer their message home, all the while a raw release of energy fuels the track to a point where you may need to be concerned about your speakers blowing out. From nowhere you are blind-sided by a melodic vocals that come across rather depressed. But somehow it all works perfectly! “Reactor” has got to be a radio release! Once again, a stand out chorus gives the track a special feel. Rock hasn’t sounded this real on the radio dial in a long while. Feedback is the norm, and imperfections lead the way on a refreshing release. In my opinion the mainstream needs a shot in the arm. There seems to be a nice trend developing around rock bands that harken back to their forefathers musically. Bands like The Bronx and Red Tape could be the cure for a rather stale commercial scene. But I guess that depends on you the consumer! My suggestion, pick up bands like this instead of your run of the mill Linkin Park and Puddle of Mudd…..bands like this are far more real…and rock a hell of a lot harder and LOUDER!!!!!!! Pit Scale: 8, what is “Droppin’ Bombs On Your Moms” referring too? Suggested Tracks: “Stalingrad”, “Droppin’ Bombs On Your Moms” Track Listing: 1) a3ke4bCr 2) Damage Control 3) High Voltage 4) Stalingrad 5) Radioactivist 6) Divebomb 7) Droppin’ Bombs On Your Moms 8) Reactor 9) Strike Tonight 10) El Salvador 11) Social Meltdown 12) Golden 13) The Waltz 14) Shoot! Move! Communicate 15) Bl’ast! The System


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