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Red Tape’s Holiday Season

Posted on February 12, 2008

Christmas greetings and an update from vocalist Jeff Jaworski… So what are we up to??? Wellll check it… we’re back from our tour with Bad Brains and Murphy’s Law -such a good tour! Crazy. ..’nuff said on that ) Now we’re back to our normal boring lives in Sacramento & trying to figure out some local shows to keep busy until the next tour. Speaking of being back in Sac… I was at the Monkey Bar talking to my friend Tony, who is visiting here from London and he had never heard the term “cock blocking” before… don’t you U.K. kids know what “cock blocking” is?!?! If you don’t, just consider yourselves lucky! Just thought I’d share that… Aside of getting wasted at the local dive bars, we’re also getting ready to shoot a video for the track “Stalingrad”! Basically, the idea will be us playing a gig and trying not to look too stupid… cool idea huh? What else… I made this stencil that says “Red Tape” & have been going around spray painting shit with it… Our CD listning party got cancelled cuz JD’s wife freaked out at the thought of her house getting TRASHED, so it’s postponed until next month… all of you are invited! I guess we should also do a CD RELEASE show… we always forget to do that! Today, I’m gonna sit on my ass and play Vice City! But I’m also getting together some video footage from our last few shows to put up on our website www.redtapearmy.com – the new site should be up real soon so please check it out! We’ll announce it on the RR pages when it’s done. The CD is scheduled to drop FEBRUARY 9TH – we’re pretty fuckin happy with how everything turned out. Amir Of The Desert did rad job on the production & Don Clark (Asterik Studio) went nuts on the CD layout! So there. “RADIOACTIVIST” comin at ya in tha muthafukin ’04 -what! yeah, and finally …aaaah yes, Christmas: that special time of year when it’s cold and lonely – you just want to kill yourself at the thought of standing in line at overcrowded stores. Then you realize you have wake up at 06:00 that morning to go to work, so it’s just like any other lame day except Del Taco is closed. Heh, it’s all good… don’t be a negative creep like me – have a MERRY CHRISTMAS ya fucks! <3 Jaworski & Red Tape In other Red Tape news, the guys have a couple of shows lined up – if you are out there, do go check them out… we think that Jan 2 show will be a killer! FRI DECEMBER 19TH @THE DISTILLERY, SACRAMENTO: w/HOODS 10PM $5 21+ FRI JANUARY 2ND @THE POUND, SAN FRANCISCO: w/AVENGED SEVENFOLD 7PM $10 all ages


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