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Red Robb

Posted on February 12, 2008

You remember that awesome Machine Head Halloween competition we ran with Metal Hammer, RyanAir, and the Burlington Hotel in Dublin? A great time was had by all… and we just received this write up from our winner Steve White! Ok, don’t want to piss anyone off here or rub it in anyones faces (well maybe a little bit…) but I had such a unforgetable weekend that I had to say something! First off, the show was awesome. Couple of my faves missing (no Old or no From This Day) but that’s FAR from a complaint as they more than made up for it with the rest of the set. Take My Scars, Ten Ton Hammer, None But My Own (yeah!), Blood For Blood (FUCK YEAH!), Trephination (why haven’t they played this live before? It’s by far one of the best tracks on Supercharger) and a choice selection of highlights from the new album (Imperium IS going to be the new Davidian). And finishing with Block? Genius! The Band were very cool (yeah I know everyone knows that but I’m gonna say it anyway) and signed everything I bought along (lots – hey just be thankful I left the Digi’s, Singles, Vinyl and other random stuff behind or they’d have been signing all night!). Apologies if I looked a bit stunned by it all (Coz’ I was!). Still not convinced about Robb’s great face paint idea though (remind me again how I got talked into that?) and I have NO idea how the hell he got it off so quick because I nearly drowned trying to remove mine! And if you were there in Dublin and laughing at the pillock in the crowd with the red face then show some respect: It was me!!!! Anyways just like to say a big thank you and “Fuck Yeah!” to everyone at Roadrunner UK, RyanAir, The Burlington Hotel, and Metal Hammer for organising it, to the Band for being so cool (and letting me steal their beer), and finally a thank you to the Doorman at the Burlington Hotel for letting me back in with a very red face! Oh and apologies to the cleaners at the Hotel for the red (and flooded, oops…) bathroom I left for you and to my Girlfriend and everyone who knows me because their going to have to listen to me talk about this weekend for a VERY long time! Cheers! Steve White (A very lucky MH fan) If you haven’t yet, check out the PHOTOS.


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