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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

Check out one of the first live reviews from the Roadrage Tour Glasgow date. Submitted by one of the Roadrunner Street Teamers. ——————– The excitement outside the venue told you this would be a gig which would not be forgotten quickly! Still Remains opened with a bang! Quickly the pits opened and I felt the need to join in! I hadn’t heard their album before the gig in full, but live it sounds immense! White walls I had heard on a New Shit 11 and liked, but live it has more atmosphere and action to it! Not for one single second did they just stand there or not make it feel like they weren’t happy to be there! I would hate to follow this act. They came on and gave EVERYTHING and more! This was easily good enough for a headlining band! 3 Inches of Blood where up next and I couldn’t wait to see them! the main reason I wanted to go to the gig! But the crowd seemed half arsed excited while a few of us where preparing ourselves! They can pull of the vocals live, and after a few songs the crowd were singing along and generally going fucking crazy. A big difference from when they had walked on. Dominion of Deceit, Premonition of Pain, Lord of the Storm, Axes of Evil were all played to amazing crowd reactions. Is there a better ending song beside Deadly Sinners? Well Still Remains set the bar pretty high, but 3IOB took it upon themselves to go even crazier! Happy birthday Cam by the way! Hope you enjoyed the Jager everyone brought on stage! He got a special Scottish version of Happy Birthday! Before Trivium hit the stage the tension grew! While setting up the drums I thought they were taking the piss! Took up near enough half the stage! Some site with all those symbols! The End Of Everything starts and straight into Rain! The place goes nuts! Heads move! Pits get bigger! Corey windmills which sends everyone into a frenzy! He can do it live! Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr kicked in and I was off! Into the pits but I quickly left the front 2 rows! They kept getting faster and heavier! My god how these people were still alive and moving like they were was un-real! Now one thing you don’t do is say Glasgow isn’t a crazy crowd! So what does Matt do? Manchester was harder than you guys, his lip shows it! So what happens? Circles, Walls of Death, Faster bigger pits! This was fucking insane! Bodies went EVERYWHERE! Suffocating Sight and Matt wants crowd surfers! Well instantly people are off! The place was going insane! Im sure they kept cranking up the volume! It kept getting louder and faster throughout the night! Next was Ascendancy and the place raised the bar again shouting back every single word! A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation saw the place in yet another frenzy. Fuck, Trivium kept giving you more and more, playing harder and harder! The crowd really got into this one! Now to some fuck around period where the play some quick-fire Maiden and Misfits! The crowd really got into the maiden song signing it back with power and passion! Matt couldn’t remember the words. Any of you guys got ember to inferno deluxe edition? This is the deceived! How anyone was still pitting or moving there heads shows true something! Trivium kept pulling it out of the bag! Fastness, still moving around like they had just started one of the best sets EVER! Guess the finishing song? go on? Like Light To Flies! This made them play even harder and faster which I don’t know how they can! Still pounding the fuck out of the drums! Good god they fucking slayed! They brought it to the plate and raised it! They had to after the previous 2 bands! For 퉌£8 this was money well spent and to anyone who thought they couldn’t afford this you missed out! If this is Roadrunner’s New breed I would hate to see what other labels are going to compete with! Trivium no longer have the tag “believe the hype”. Most impressive site of the night goes to Travis and his amazing drum set!! Most impressive thing overall- 3 Inches of Blood pulling of the vocals live and cam’s beard! Thank you roadrunner for one of the best gigs ever! REMEMBER: Although the tickets are moving fast there are still a few available, so CLICK HERE to order your ticket online. The remaining dates are as follows: The remaining dates are as follows: 11/05 – NOTTINGHAM Rock City – GET TICKETS 12/05 – STOKE Sugarmill GET TICKETS 13/05 – OXFORD Zodiac GET TICKETS 14/05 – BRIGHTON Concorde 2 GET TICKETS 15/05 – COLCHESTER Arts Centre GET TICKETS 17/05 – PORTSMOUTH Wedgewood Rooms GET TICKETS 18/05 – LONDON Garage GET TICKETS


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