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Posted on February 12, 2008

Dave McClain, drummer of Machine Head is on reportedly to be ‘on fire’ at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland CA, tracking no less than 6 out of the 8 songs in one day for the new album, including two tracks of 10 minutes each! Dave was ready to strangle the producer after days and days of trying out a multitude of drum kits, heads, skins and different combinations. The band really felt strongly about having real drum tones on this record, preferring them over the overly triggered drum sound that is so prevalent in metal today. Preferring to mix in some of that triggered sound into the real tones, Rob Flynn comments that, ‘Sure, you gotta have a little bit in there – a bit in the kick, blend some in with the snare, but man, real drums sound fucking awesome when you get ’em dialed in.’ It is argued that there is no comparison for a real drum tone, with triggers often leaving listeners bored from listening fatigue (listening to the same sound over and over). It seems that the preparation time and this method is serving the new record well, Rob is especially pleased, ‘we got the sickest drum tones EVERí¢ä‰åŒ_he’s killing it SO hard. Drum magazine editors take note… your new king is here, and his name is Dave McClain!’ A note to budding producers it is sometimes best not to rush in and recording the first tones you hear, try different mics and placements, mix triggers in if you really need to, experimenting with these methods can radically change a recording and possibly make something generic sounding into a ‘classic’. Machine Head’s new record ‘The Blackening’ is set for release in early 2007.


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