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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

Blabbermouth reports in a recent interview with Cassandra Szklarski of the Canadian Press, Dave Mustaine explains ‘There’s no more sour grapes’ with Metallica. A sample of their discussion follows:

On the song “A Tout Le Monde” — long misinterpreted as pro-suicide when in fact it was written about the sudden death of his mother — which inspired a deranged gunman who opened fire at a Montreal community college last year:

“The song doesn't belong to the killer. The song belongs to the people of Montreal, if anything it belongs to me and it was my gift to them. It was never meant to be misinterpreted like that.”

On why he chose to record a new version of the song, which has been reworked as a duet (with Cristina Scabbia of the Italian goth/metal band LACUNA COIL) and will be the first single off the band's new album, “United Abominations“:

“The song never got its opportunity to get out and it's a total fan favourite, people love it wherever we're at.”

On his original plans to re-record the song as a duet with tabloid staple Lisa Marie Presley:

“Lisa Marie Presley, there's a certain calibre of talent there that she obviously could sing the song, but I don't know that people would look at it as seriously because of her pedigree. I'm excited that she would even know what MEGADETH is and I'm flattered that she accepted.”

On the 2004 documentary “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”, in which Mustaine berates METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich for kicking him out of the band instead of trying to help him deal with his addiction:

“After the documentary I hated them, but it took some time for this whole thing to kind of reveal itself. There are certain things that I miss in James, certain things that I'm glad are gone with Lars and just there's no more sour grapes. How can you sit in a house on a hill and have gas in your tank and food in your refrigerator and be bitter about something like that, especially so many years ago? . . The good thing about it is that it's finally given proof to the world that I was part of this band. Regardless of whether I was in it for awhile or not, truth was, it was in the formidable stages. I was the only guitar player and James just sang.”


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