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New Single My Plague Released

Posted on February 12, 2008

MY PLAGUE The single My Plague (New Abuse Mix) is out now. The tracklisting is: My Plague (New Abuse Mix) The Heretic Anthem (live) (sic) (live) My Plague (New Abuse Mix) (uncensored video) Did you know? The 2 live tracks were recorded on January 22, 2002 at Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden – and the mixing of these live tracks was done by Joey Jordison, with Matt Sepanic. Earlier today, a CD containing three audio mixes was delivered straight from London to New York…those three audio mixes being “Liberate”, “People=Shit”, and “Left Behind/Eeyore”, as recorded live from Slipknot’s show at the London Arena in early February – the show which will be the basis for the band’s upcoming dvd. Cranking from Dave’s desk at 7:45pm are these three songs. Dave tells, “You gotta admit, fuckin’ first rate.” “It’s just unbelievable, I’m fuckin’ pumped right now. Colin Richardson totally schooled it,” he continues. This leads one to question, “Any overdubs on this live recording?” “No FUCKIN’ overdubs, dude,” Dave snaps back. “100% band with chops that can play. They don’t need overdubs, they nailed every song.” Yes, Dave was present for the London show in which this was recorded. “Get ready, this is gonna raise the bar for all future live recordings.” This is The Production Gospel According to Dave…Phase II is upon us…you have been warned…resistance is futile…Amen. Slipknot dvd coming this autumn. How Very Metal… as part of our Download 2002 campaign we held a prize draw with HMV – the winner would get a personalised Slipknot Iowa gold disc… well, our winner is Joanna Tucker… and today we were sending out Joanna’s prize to her. To our great m/ amusement, the Slipknot gold disc weighs exactly 1.666 kilograms… how very metal. Conspiracy? Perhaps. Make sure you check out 2 new awesome Slipknot wallpapers for Corey and Mick now added to our In The Pit page – thanks going out to the lovely Michaela Livingstone for making them and sending them in! This past Friday (May 3rd), someone sent in an article from the London publication Reuters. The article was in reference to some confusion about another Slipknot group. Sunday (5th), The Fax (Westwood One) wrote about it, too. Yesterday (6th), in an article titled People = Knit: Slipknot Fans Attack Needle-Wielding Ladies, even MTV.com wrote about it… So, what is ‘it’ that we speak of? Let us ask you a question: how many Slipknots out there do you know of? Well, for starters, we have the Slipknot we all know…you know who we’re talking about. But, apparently there is another Slipknot group out there. Based here in Britain. An all female group. Over 1,000 members strong. Please welcome the other Slipknot, The Knitting & Crochet Guild Slipknot. The members of this knitter’s quarterly journal are not to be confused with the 9 guys that brought us “People=Shit”. Some Roadrunner Slipknot fans, searching for info on the web, apparently stumbled across the knitter’s info, sending some not to pleasant message to this British group. Secretary Anne Budworth tells “I don’t know how anyone could confuse us with them. I haven’t ever seen the band knitting.” Agreed, and True. “E-mails have been pretty unpleasant, telling us that we shouldn’t be on the Internet with the word ‘Slipknot,” chair of The Knitting & Crochet Guild Rita Taylor tells. “But we are not going to let it bother us,” she added. That’s right, chin up, ladies. The goal of this Slipknot group is “preserving and nurturing the skills of knitting and crochet.” So, how do you like that? You learn something new every day. Ladies, we wish you the best. Maggots and fans of the ‘other’ Slipknot, all our best goes out to you, too…and we ask you please wish the same to the lovely ladies of the Slipknot knitting & crochet guild.


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