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Dana Dentata

My Heart In San Francisco

Posted on February 12, 2008

What’s going on with Thornley on the road? The latest news from the band, as follows: “Sitting in San Francisco for the second day in a row. Sorry to those of you who made the trip down here for the show last night. It was late in the day when we found out that the show here was going to be cancelled. “We spent the day hanging around Haight – Ashbury. Pretty cool area. Sekou bought the dvd of Black Samauri – we have been looking for this for a while. Sekou also bought the coolest new computer bag, he has fulfilled his new look as the Urban Warrior. Worm is, of course, jealous. Shaner found a new springy toy – you figure it out. Sekou does not want to be represented as a geek and he wants it made clear that it is a knapsack, not a computer bag. It actually has a compartment to hold his skateboard as well. “We hung out last night at the Phoenix hotel. It was a pretty cool experience. Hotel by day, nightclub by the pool at night. Shaun wants a mention on the site – there. “We did have fun in Reno. Well, not really – the show was a blast but the day off was a little unfulfilling. We went to see a movie and ended off with over four hours to kill in this wonderful little gambling spot. If you don’t gamble there is nothing else to do. So we waited. Worm, all high and shit, entertained himself by chatting with local authorities. Shaner drank Margaritas not knowing that they contained tequila. He got sick.” News: – Sekou and Ian got new nike air force Two’s. – Our new commander in chief, Shaun, is getting used to the rigors of the Thornley camp. – Sekou slashed Worms leg open with a projectile cymbal. Good and deep. – We got woken up on the highway by a bus fire. Twice. As it turns out it was a blown rad, hence we are still in SF instead of travelling. Out of the four busses this year we have been pretty lucky with things thus far so we can’t really complain. – Chris from Dayton Boots is meeting us in Vegas for a few days of partying. This should be fun. – Tumor from LoPro is coming out to the LA show.


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