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Posted on February 12, 2008

Teamer Richy Muirhead, delivers this awesome review from Bleeding Through‘s somewhat romantic Glasgow gig. ———- Bleeding Through í¢ä‰åäóì King Tuts Glasgow í¢ä‰åäóì Valentines Day For a good 9 months I had been looking forward to seeing Bleeding Through live. I had missed their previous show with Sick of it all last year. Finally when I heard about the February tour I was overjoyed to be going to their show. And they certainly proved to impress me. Earlier in the day I went a walk up to the venue to see who was about. I met Marta, their keyboard player. She was really nice. We talked about the show and the tour. It was good to just hang out for a wee while with her. The first band to take the stage was End Of Everything. I had seen them support Fear Factory last year so I knew what to expect. They have improved. I’ll look forward to hearing more from them. I’m glad the crowd enjoyed them. Next up were Cult Of Luna. I had only heard the one song prior to the show so I didn’t really know what to expect. They appeared on stage and played an instrumental song which then fell into slightly more death metal rhythm. They sounded good, very different than the usual support act you would expect. They smashed through a good 4/5 songs. It was impressive watching them. I was glad when they were over though. Why? well, Bleeding Through! The atmosphere in ‘Tuts had risen. I could hear the Glasgow chants of í¢ä‰åñF**kin Yass!!í¢ä‰åŒ when that happens, you know its going to be a good show. The lights dimmed and one by one the band made there way onto the small crammed stage. The Californian metallers first striked out with í¢ä‰åñLove lost in hail of gunfireí¢ä‰åŒ everyone in the room just came alive! Then suddenly Brandon dived onto the stage and started singing. It was a sight. By the time the breakdown kicked in everyone’s fists were in the air! After that classic they battered through some more songs off í¢ä‰åñThis is love, this is murderousí¢ä‰åŒ such as Sweet Vampirous, Number Seven With A Bullet, and City of the Condemned. And of course they played songs like Rise, and Insomniac. It was great. Everyone was getting involved. Brandon was giving the mike to fans throughout songs too! I turned round for a slight second and the pit was crazy! í¢ä‰åñRevenge I seekí¢ä‰åŒ was amazing live. Everyone was just going crazy! Bleeding Through played two new songs off their fourth coming album. They sounded good. I can’t wait to hear those songs again! As it was Valentines Day they mentioned that they were happy to be spending an evening with us Scottish lot! They ended the show with none other than í¢ä‰åñOn Wings Of Leadí¢ä‰åŒ. We were all shouting out for the band to play it, and so they did. From the start to finish everyone was singing along and enjoying there self. You could tell the band we’re enjoying it just as much as us! It was a great song to end the show with. The band thanked us all for coming out and supporting the scene. I’m very glad I went to the show. They played a great set. The band has an amazing stage presence they know how to get the crowd going. I would definitely go and see them again. If bands like this are the future of the metal scene, then damn its going to be something worth checking out. Long live Bleeding Through! Richy Muirhead ———- If you want to be a teamer like Richy simply CLICK HERE


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