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Posted on February 12, 2008

Take5online.com recently interviewed Jared MacEachern, Sanctity rhythm guitarist/vocalist. You can see some of their chat below:

Take5online.com: How has MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine influenced the band?

Jared: His songwriting and music has always been a huge influence on all of us and just as performers, as well. Dave is so metal he doesn't even have to headbang. It was great to tour with them, and I'm not complaining about getting to watch him perform every night.

Take5online.com: What do you think it means do be a metal band today?

Jared: There's definitely a certain small attitude of doing your own thing and not caring about what other people say. You have to have that attitude to some degree. Usually it means that you like it loud, hard and heavy and go nuts every now and then. The flip side of that is there are also metal bands that have a message. I think metal does well when there is a lot of dissension in the world.

Take5online.com: Does SANCTITY have a message?

Jared: Not just yet. We're not trying to preach to anybody or tell them how to live. We've been in it locally for a while, and it was just fun, but now we are out in the big world and learning. Right now we are just about getting out there and going hard and heavy and having fun. It'll be interesting to see what kind of message we develop in the future.

Take5online.com: What mood do you want to convey in your music?

Jared: I like to get people up and moving, and I like to convey some energy in our music. Maybe, sometimes you need to release a little aggression because of stuff that might be bringing you down. Our music is our outlet for that, and maybe our music can be used in a positive way by others. We like to convey a little bit of crazy fun.

Take5online.com: How did you get set up with Roadrunner Records?

Jared: We played a show in 2005 on the same bill as TRIVIUM in Spartanburg, and we asked the guys to come down and give us a critique, and he loved it. He gave our CD to the guys at Roadrunner, and we never thought anything would happen because they are a great label. After a year, in January of 2006 we kind of sealed the deal. It was pretty sweet and we couldn't believe it, and then we started doing all the recording and getting everything together.

Read the entire interview at this location.



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