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Dana Dentata

Metal Moses

Posted on February 12, 2008

Check out this review just in of Roadrage in Sweden… thanks for writing to us Johan! “Hi! I saw Roadrage 2003 Wednesday, Oct 8th and it was a kickass show. It was in Stockholm Sweden btw and it had everything I want in a show!! 3 of my absolute favourite bands, I mean Chimaira, Ill Nino and Spineshank, it can퉌Çt go wrong. The whole croud was insane for all the acts and I have to say that the coolest moment was when Chimaira’s singer asked the crowed to split in half and when he counted to three we all went insane! He called himself metal-moses and it was awesome! Chimaira was my favourite band of all the three and I wasn퉌Çt disappointed! I have to say that Pure Hatred is one of my favourite songs with them and it was great… anyway I was in the pit through all the three shows, I like it there the most, it’s where I get my aggressions out.. and no one (mostly) gets hurt.. I like it.. full energy for about 3 hours (?) I think.. it’s the best.. and one of the things I like most is that those bands aren퉌Çt that big (don퉌Çt get me wrong.. they’re big but not too big) and you can tell that they are really thankful for what they do, great contact with the audience.. It was the second time I saw Ill Nino and this time it was better I think. Last time I saw them they were opening for P.O.D, but as I said, this time it was better..don퉌Çt know why really.. If it퉌Çs something I miss it’s stagediving but maby they aren퉌Çt allowed to…too bad. Anyways great show and I can퉌Çt wait for next years tour and the bands that are coming!!” Johan, Stockholm Sweden


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