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Posted on February 12, 2008

On the Megadeth website, Megadeth bassist James Lomenzo has posted the following update:

“What a fantastic trip it's been so far this year. It's been such an honor to cross the ocean once again and play for you all with the mighty Megadeth.

“I haven't had much time to reminisce. Family health problems have kept me pretty much on vigil since I've returned. Now that things are improving allow me to take some time to catch up.

“The enthusiastic response from the fans and the press here in the States and internationally has been mind-blowing! It's one thing to talk to a journalist on the phone and have him or her say 'this is Megadeth back to form', but it's quite another thing to see the vehemence of the crowd as they sing along to 'Washington's Next', 'Never Walk Alone' and 'Sleepwalker' in each and every city. You have no idea what a payoff that is to see that kind of response. I humbly thank you.

“Now, on to my broken toe.

“You travel the world, a different hotel room every night. Not a whole lot of sleep… perhaps a bit of the spirits… not a scratch, not even a bruise. I return home and on my first night, I walk to the corner of my bed to grab the phone which is ringing, when all of a sudden. I'm alarmed by a strange 'click' from my right foot. I look down, only to realize that a slight miscalculation of about 2 mm put my toe in an unnatural and very painful position. I immediately reach down and try force the digit back into its rightful position next to the other little 'piggies' — no-go.

“So now, it's finally my turn to visit old Doc Barton.

“Anyway, I'm hobbling about here considering the relative safety of the continuation of our 'Tour of Duty', I may just tie myself to this chair until September… just to stave off any other potential hazards around the house.

“I'd like to extend myself to you bass players out there. Post any questions or discussions you'd like to address directly to me in the Musicians Forum. I'll be happy to participate in as many posts as my time will allow. In the past I've use my website for this but since the last spam-inator's hostile take over, I've had to shut the forum down. I'd love to pick it up right here at old Megadeth.com.

“Best to you all for now.

“Oh, one more thing. I may have something real interesting to post next week… see you then!”



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