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Posted on February 12, 2008

Those Megadeth boys like to keep us informed of all the goings on in the world of Megadeth, and drummer Shawn Drover is no exception! Check out his update below under the forums section of the official Megadeth website:

“So I see now that we have confirmed Perth and Adelaide (Australia) as well as Jakarta, Indonesia to our Pacific Rim leg of the 'United Abominations' tour, which, for me personally, is very cool as I have yet to perform in these areas yet (hopefully, with time permitting, do a little exploring on my own as well). It's always fun for me to go somewhere new, so this tour leg poses to be a good one (well, they all are, really).

“I have just been made aware from my friends at Vic Firth, that my new custom MEGADETH/Shawn Drover graphic drumsticks are ready for this U.S. tour leg and beyond. I am toying with the idea of labeling each pair I use (date, city used, etc.) and puting them on our eBay site in the not-so-distant future. When you do see them, you will see just what I am talking about. More on that soon…

“As you have been kept well informed here on this website, we have a lot of cool things on the MEGA-horizon — some of it you have been made aware of, some of it you have not when things do become solidified, of course it will become public information right here, and remember, if you dont read it here first, it's usually a load of dross.”

Their US tour will head off on the 4th September taking in 24 U.S. cities ending on 6th October. ‘United Abominations’ is the current release from Megadeth and is available to buy online at this location.

Mainman Dave Mustaine has also issued an update, which you can view below:

“I have been trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to record a podcast and it is not sounding too good. I think the studio has made me too picky. Anyway, I will be sending this MegaFanClub-only [MEGADETH's official fan club] podcast of answers to '10 Questions' and some small updates regularly.

“I was thinking of asking Justis [Dave's son] to ask me the questions, but his new quest to play in the Superbowl has drawn him away from music; and he is pretty good too so it is sad.

“Maybe I will ask Electra [Dave's daughter], but she is currently starting filming a television show with wrestling legend Bill Goldberg's lovely and talented wife Wanda Goldberg about taking care of animals and I am sure there will be more to post once the show officially launches its press campaign. I am sure I will get it done, and in the mean time today when I was going over the questions, I noticed how excited some of you were in the questions. Well, I am excited to answer your questions and give you updates on all-things-MEGA.

“I am sorry but the '10 Questions' are only going to be for MegaFanClub members, and members should send in only one question; multiple questions or two-part questions may not be delivered through to make it into my hands on the road. But there will be samples of it here to give you a peek at what they will sound like.

“I just approved some really great new items for your MEGADETH merchandise collection, and we are halfway done with the talent lineup for Gigantour in the States next year. “We have a contest coming up surrounding the guitar I will be using in the [upcoming MEGADETH] video [for 'Never Walk Alone…A Call To Arms']. And we are considering letting the fan club members know where the location of the shoot is.”



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