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Meet Ozzy

Posted on February 12, 2008

Friday Chimaira played Irving Plaza in NYC, just a few short blocks away from the RR NY office. With the band being so close, a few members stopped by RR NY. They shook down vocalist Mark Hunter for an update, and then he was nice enough to answer a few questions they had: Mark Hunter – What’s up people? Mark from Chimaira here checking in. We started Ozzfest last week and all I can say is that it has been the best time of our lives. We are loving every minute of it. The crowds have been insane, and the Jager has been flowing. It’s pretty strange, you play early as fuck, sign autographs, then get wasted while signing autographs, then by the time the main stage starts you are passed out. We have also been making a lot of new friends, especially with Cradle of Filth and Sworn Enemy, who we are playing with tonight at a sold out show in good ole NYC. Roadrunner Records – now, a couple of questions. First, best band live on Ozzfest you’ve seen so far? Mark – believe it or not, Korn. I know I’m gonna get a lot of shit for that, but I speak the truth. RR – what makes them so good? Mark – the sound. Great sound. And good song selection, mostly old stuff. RR – do you like cars? Mark – I like cars. I wish I had one. RR – do you like dogs? Mark – yes. I own two. RR – who is the funniest guy on Ozzfest? Mark – Adam from Killswitch Engage. He wore a shirt the other day that had a cougar on it, and that’s ALL he wore. He gave a shout out to cougars and all large cats of prey. He wears some crazy stuff. note from RR UK: this morning, logged into my inbox find an email from Adam, the man himself… enclosing a photo of himself clad in skin-tight hot pink trousers.. with the note “check out my new pants for stage…they already got stolen though, so I’m searching for a replacement.” RR – who is biggest nerd on Ozzfest? And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Mark – Fieldy. No explanation needed. RR – any band you have yet to speak to? Mark – I refuse to speak to Twisted Method. RR – all the bands ever get together for anything? Mark – Catering. RR – what is the catering situation? Mark – you have a barcode on a laminate to get scanned. You get two meals a day, one plate of food. You walk down a line and they scoop it on your plate. Lunch is 11-3, dinner is 4-8. RR – what’s the shower situation? Mark – yesterday I walk in to talk a shower, a room that says ‘male shower’ at the venue. I walk in, there’s 2 shower stalls, one with curtain, one without one. Oh, it’s a bathroom as well. RR – what’s the shower situation today? Mark – there is none. RR – earliest wake up call? Mark – I’ve been up at 8am every day. When we play the 9:30 slot, I’m up at 5am so my voice is warmed up. And that’s where all the best chicks are…catering at 5am. RR – the crowd at 9:30 am? Mark – usually around 3-5,000. Not bad. Luckily, we’ve basically been playing to 8-12,000 each day. RR – best thing to look at on Ozzfest? Mark – the women that are 5’1″, shirtless, 345 pounds, and have OZZY painted on their tits. Every days there’s at least 40-50. RR – one thing on Ozzfest you’ve done that you’ve always wanted to do? Mark – play in the rain. RR – one thing left to do that you’ve always wanted to do on Ozzfest? Mark – meet Ozzy. He was working out on a punching bag yesterday. That was my first sighting of him outside of the stage. We thank Mark for his time, and wish Chimaira all the best tonight, and on all touring to come…


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