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Machine Head/Caliban – Glasgow

Posted on February 12, 2008

Hot off the email from one of our Roadrunner teamers, Richy Muirhead, who went to the Machine Head show in Glasgow at the weekend! “When Caliban appeared on stage there was a chant going which was good. They kicked off with ‘the beloved and the hatred’, nice start. They played most of their material from ‘The opposite from within’. It was good to see them get a wall of death and circle pits going. The ended with ‘goodbye’ my person favorite from their latest album so I was happy! They had done a great job of warming us crazy metal heads up for God Forbid. When God Forbid came on the atmosphere was great. Now I was here to see this band the most as there one of my favorite bands. And they played an amazing set. All my favorite songs off ‘Gone Forever’ were played and even an older song, ‘Broken Promise’. They had us all chanting in unison ‘Fuck George Bush’. God Forbid has an amazing stage presence, there full of energy. And the singer Byron loves interacting with the fans at the front. They had everything from circle pits to stage diving and wall’s of death. They played a sound 35 minute set. It was awesome. I’ll definitely be going to see this band when they come back over. Moan the God Forbid!! By the time Machine Head were to come on everyone was so psyched up to see them. All the ‘Machine Fuckin’ Head’ chants had been going on! The atmosphere was immense! When we heard the intro ring for ‘Imperium’ everyone knew it was time. Straight after that they lashed into ‘Seasons Wither’. Rob was both amused and shocked by how loud the Scottish fans can be! He then went on to say that it’s a Saturday night and no one has school or work so let’s have a party with Machine Head. Hell, it sounded good. The band played a load of songs like ‘Bulldozer’ ‘Take my scars’ ‘Old’ ‘The Burning Red’ ‘Ten ton hammer’. When they played ‘Descend the shades of night’ everyone was singing along. Also we all starting singing The Flower Of Scotland. Rob didn’t know what we were singing but he thought if was amazing. When ‘Davidian’ came on everyone just went insane. Definitely one of my favorites it was great to hear it live! After that they went off stage and came back out. They decided to play some covers. They played some Metallica/Pantera/Sepultura/Judas Priest songs. It ruled! The last song the band played ‘block’. Glasgow have a record of having the biggest circle pit and this song proved it. í¢ä‰åñFrom the front to the back, left to right, I wanna see every motherfucker losing their minds!í¢ä‰åŒ It was the biggest pit I have I ever seen! The fans were so loud screaming ‘fuck it all’! After this Rob said how the band had an amazing night and will keep coming back here! He also mentioned that they had filmed the show for a DVD which was amazing. I was lucky enough to catch one of Rob’s guitar picks during the set too so that was cool. This has probably been one of the best gigs all year. Fuckin’ A! m/”


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