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Liv Kristine Scuffle In Paris

Posted on February 12, 2008

from blabbermouth.net ATROCITY and LEAVES’ EYES have issued the following statement regarding a recent incident on the two group’s joint European tour: “After their grand finale show of the Atlantis Lovelorn Tour in La Locomotive, Paris, November 28, 2004, the bands experienced an arbitrary infringement by the French police. “Right after crew and band had finished the loading of their bus in front of La Locomotive and the adjacent variet퀌© Moulin Rouge, policemen appeared and told the bus driver to leave the street immediately. Due to traffic jam this was not possible at once. The policemen started to speak in a very aggressive tone that culminated in the threat of arresting the bus driver. Moreover, they took his papers away, thus Liv Kristine [LEAVES’ EYES singer] and Alexander Krull [ATROCITY frontman, Liv’s husband] complained about the rude behaviour of the police. Then, suddenly a bunch of policemen, some in civil dresses, rushed the bus and attacked the musicians. As a result of their action, Alex Krull was injured, as several policemen beat him and violently pulled him out of the bus and down to the grown. Also, Liv Kristine was thrown against the wall of the bus and was hurt, too. Without any explanations, Alex Krull was arrested, along with him bus driver Helge, the Dutch tour guide Harald and the German journalist Robert Su퀁Ÿ who had only tried to calm the policemen and keep them from attacking Liv Kristine again. They were all arrested in front of hundreds of visitors at Moulin Rouge and other clubs who witnessed the happening. The four of them were taken to the police station, where they had to stay for about three hours without any explanation for the arrest, any hearing or announcing of their rights. Only intensive pressure from the German embassy lead to their release. Still the police gave no explanation for their aggressive treatment, nor any excuse. “All these facts concerning these inconceivable happenings will be announced to both the German Foreign Bureau and the head of police in Paris.”


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