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Life Of A Roadie

Posted on February 12, 2008

Have you heard of Jef Hickey? He was a legendary roadie for several RR bands (and many many more) over the years. Have you ever read Motley Crue’s ‘The Dirt’? Now there is some interesting reading about the original rock n’ roll ethos. In the same vein, albeit from a roadie perspective, read below an exerpt from a piece on Hickey, recently written by Greg Beat from LA Weekly. “For most of his life, Jef Hickey has taken rock n rolls loudest, dumbest, truest and most irresistible messages to heart, perfecting the art of life as a never-ending Kiss chorus. Sure, many people pledge themselves to sex, drugs and rock n roll, but few have done so with the self-destructive verve of the former Studio City resident. Three spiked rings decorate his dick like medals of valor. Hes contracted gonorrhea (six times), crabs (four times), syphilis (three times) and herpes. For more than a decade and a half, with lab-rat consistency, Hickey carpet-bombed his cortex with enough pills to stock a hypochondriacs medicine cabinet. At 15, he established himself as Bostons hardest-working rock serf, unloading equipment for bands like Motorhead and Twisted Sister at almost every club in town. At 17, he lived a louder, crueler, dramatically less uplifting version of Cameron Crowes rock n roll heartwarmer Almost Famous, joining Megadeth on tour as a roadie and discovering the thorny allure of hard drugs and anal sex with Canadian strippers. But now hes 35 and just paroled from a three-year stint in a Sheridan, Oregon, federal prison where he shared an 8-by-12-foot cell with another inmate and a broken-tailed cat that never purred and constantly brawled with the prisons two other feline residents. Even if drug issues and parole restrictions werent clouding his future employment prospects, well, the rock n roll road life that seems like an adventure in your 20s can become a grind in your 30s. How do you grow old in rock n roll when youre not actually a rock star? Jef Hickey hasnt really figured out an answer for that one yet, but he’s going to find out soon enough….” You can read the rest of this piece HERE.


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