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Dana Dentata

Life Is Lovin’ It

Posted on February 12, 2008

As you all know, it has been a long time coming for what will be hitting the streets come June 16th…of course, we are speaking of Type O Negative’s Life If Killing Me release. Worth the wait? Of course, we will say yes…YES (and truthfully, it is worth the wait…). But, don’t take our opinion on it…we’re the fuckin’ scumbag, money grubbing, band-changin’, radio-hit-makin’, CD overcharging, not-enough-band supportin’, record label whores. We wanna screw YOU…the whole lot of ya. (of course, we say the above in the nicest possible way…and in jest, of course) Ah, back to our point…yes, don’t take our word for it. Go to an outside source, hear some of the album for yourself. The cats at HitThePit have officially posted their review of the upcoming Type O Negative album, quite possibly the first review up online on this album (and if you haven’t figured it out, click that HitThePit link above to check it out)…oh, and as for hearing some of the new album for yourself, that too is just a click away. Type O Negative themselves have already posted the track “The Dream Is Dead” on their website – if you’re gonna get it somewhere, get it directly from the source (that way you know the MP3 file is pure, uncut, and virus free). Oh, and the link for that is THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. Enjoy.


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